Best. Thing. Ever.


William Shatner has launched his own social networking site. Because Will Ferguson had nothing to do with it, it doesn’t suck.


Also, his increasingly inadequate but insanely prescient Fame Audit.

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Best. Thing. Ever.

  1. That was a cheap and classless shot at Will Ferguson, Potter. Well done.

  2. "I'm an Admiral, not a webmaster!"

  3. What do you have against Will Ferguson, Potter? Oh yeah, he's successful and you're not…

    • He wrote the truly godawful "comedy" bits during the closing ceremonies of the Olympics and richly deserves any abuse he gets.

      • Well, Olympics "comedy" aside, Ferguson has sold a pile of very popular books, and has won an array of awards for his writing. So, there are a lot of people out there who enjoy what Ferguson writes. Potter? Not so much.

        • There are lots of people out there who enjoy what Dr. Phil writes as well.

          I've always found Ferguson slight and glib and not very funny but the Olympics was his crowning moment of crappy writing.

          • So, we can put you down as "not a fan". Me? I've found some of Ferguson's books very entertaining (e.g., check out his satirical novel "Generica" [also known as "Happiness^TM"]). And apparently I'm not alone in this regard.

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