Better-educated women drink the heaviest -

Better-educated women drink the heaviest

Those with degrees are almost twice as likely to drink daily


Women with degrees are almost twice as likely to drink daily as those without, but they’re also more likely to admit they have a drinking problem, according to a new study. While the same link is seen among men, the correlation is less strong, the UK Telegraph reports. In the study, researchers from the London School of Economics tracked the lives of thousands of women and men, all born in the UK during the same week in 1970, and at the time aged 39. Women’s drinking habits can even be predicted from scores in school tests from as young as five, say the authors, who suggest several reasons: better-educated women tend to have children later, putting off the accompanying responsibilities. They also have more active social lives, and often work in male-dominated offices with a drinking culture. They might have grown up in middle-class families, and seen their parents drink regularly. The study found that women with some educational qualifications were 71 per cent more likely to drink on most days compared to women with none; women with degree-level qualifications were 86 per cent more likely to do so.


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Better-educated women drink the heaviest

  1. Education drives people to drink. I knew it all along.

    • Sadly, it's what happens when you open your eyes and actually look at what's happening in the world, rather than just going with your gut.

      • Amen to that. This marks the third. What the hell?

      • I concur Thwim. Thinking about me and my women friends who have gone to school, other correlates might be:
        – some of us who are health conscious know the benefits of a glass or two or red wine per day :):)
        – we can afford it
        – we are less religious
        – we don't drink excessively so we can be social about it and don't have to quit completely

        • My friend I'll say "Salud" (cheers) to that!

          • My fear is that most of these comments are from men. Educated women may definitely drink more just because they realize that nothing has changed in the world. We are still marginalized. We still have to pretend we are not as smart as men. We are the inferior sex. That is the reality of the world.

          • "My fear is that most of these comments are from men. "

            Truly, that is a fearsome possibility. Saints preserve us.

        • What the hell does "less religious" have to do with it?

          • How many devout Catholics, Muslims, Buddists, Jews, others… would you say drink regularly Gaunilon? Less religious means we are less devout, or perhaps athiest.

          • Almost all the devout Catholics and Jews in my experience drink regularly. Muslims don't drink at all. I don't know about Buddhists.

            Specific religion might have something to do with it; "less religious" or "more religious" is irrelevant unless you're referring to a religion that band drinking, of which there are relatively few adherents in Canada.

          • Its true that more educated people tend to be less religious. However, I agree with you that the lower levels of religiosity have little to do with drinking.

            The causation is more likely to be what is mentioned in the article: The more educated a woman, the more likely she is to put off having children, which means a broader social life.

          • I'm only saying there are other likely variables that factor into this research finding.

          • I'm only saying there are other likely variables that factor into this research finding.

  2. First of all; we must define "EDUCATED WOMEN" correctly. To say one isn't educated just because they don't hold a degree is a very uneducated assumption. It's also a very wisely educated choice to decide NOT to drink. Plus to be able to understand all of the reasons why. You can learn things outside of a classroom. Also, I resent the fact that this article tries to put it off as that they were raised in a "middle class family". It is often the UPPER CLASSED families kids who are having the opportunity to recieve a further education. Also if you note other studies, you'd see that it is typical of kids who have their schooling paid for to allow that time to dwindle away on partying. Others who have strived to pay their own tuision at an earlier age do so because they take their education more seriously. It's not "Drinking time on daddies' dime." More responsible women tend to be smarter in how they go about their social lifestyle. They tend to remain out of the party crowds. They have a specific agenda. Even if to become mothers.