Better than most -

Better than most



UQAM graphic design professor Nelu Wolfensohn challenged his students to come up with campaign posters for the parties. The results are far more provocative and eye-catching than anything currently adorning windows and telephone poles across the country. Too bad you’ll only see them here.

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Better than most

  1. To me, most of these are amazing. But then, I follow politics closely. I wonder, though, if they’re too slick for the less politically-obsessed?

  2. Yes. It’s funny how boring and unoriginal most of the messaging has been in this campaign, that is can be outdone by the efforts of amateurs.

  3. Wow.

    The best NDP ad:
    The one you posted for this entry.

    The best Liberal ad:
    Stephen HarPEUR

    The best Bloc ad:
    Toss-up between the BLOCK falling on the Hill and the “Bla bla blah”. Neither very inspiring however.

    The best Conservative ad:
    Toss-up between the man standing in a cement block and the Dion in yellow pinnocchio. Though I did like the play on words for à droite mais adroit.

    My favourite ad, also best Green ad:
    Mettez vos culottes. I love it.

  4. Thank you, Martin, for the link. Restores any lost faith I might have had in the youth of this country–and as usual, some of the most original thinking, it seems, is from Quebec.

  5. Impressive. Puts the party brain trusts to shame.

  6. Also, the one with a half-stache for Jack is quite amusing.

  7. The best Liberal slogan:

    Liberez-nous des Conservateurs…

  8. Overall an excellent collection of ads with just a couple of misfires (e.g., the Bloc Ad with the outline of a Quebec map superimposed on a Union Jack is pretty ridiculous…).

    This goes to show that all our political parties could use an infusion of youthful and innovative ideas into their campaigns, instead of being run by unimaginative, middle-aged war-room operatives. And I’m not talking about puffin poop…

  9. The Liberals would do well do license some of the better pro-Liberal efforts from the design students.

    Actually, all parties.

  10. No question, there are some gems that come out of amateur hour. Was it the only English paper in Montreal that scooped everyone else on this class project? Anyone know if the French press had it first or at the same time?