Between the Pundits: That's our Mayor! -

Between the Pundits: That’s our Mayor!


David Miller, mayor of Toronto, explains why target shooters are no longer welcome at the CNRA Handgun Club (located upstairs from the city’s decrepit train station), or anywhere else on city property:

In a day when you can’t bring a large tube of toothpaste on a plane how can you allow guns to wander through Union Station, the biggest transit hub in Canada?

It’s more apt a comparison than it seems at first. Airline security measures are probably the most arbitrary and theatrical restrictions on normal human behaviour Canadians currently face—roughly as arbitrary and theatrical, one might say, as Miller’s handgun ban. The remarkable thing is that sooner than reconsider his position, which has zero support outside City Hall, Miller would resort to justifying it by citing precedent policies that are universally despised.


Between the Pundits: That’s our Mayor!

  1. Unfortunately, while the policies are despised many, many people think that having 4-100mL bottles of shampoo in a plastic bag is less dangerous than having one 400mL bottle of shampoo.

    They’ve done a good job of scaring people into believing they will be protected by such measures. David Miller is simply trying the same technique.

  2. I believe he’s missing another point – there is nothing to stop a criminal from walking into Union Station with a firearm and this does nothing to change that.

  3. C’mon Joey… Haven’t you seen the four or five Union Station security officers presiding over the thousands of people rushing though the GO concourse every minute of every hour during the morning and afternoon rush? Clearly they’re our best defence against someone getting on a train with a firearm or bomb.

  4. Actually, I rarely see them. I usually go into Union after the 0907 Lakeshore West arrival and leave on or after the 1943 Lakeshore West departure.

    Mind you, I did see a GO Transit Special Constable for the first time on last night’s final 0043 Lakeshore West Train.

    If Miller were actually concerned about Union Station security, there are much more productive ways to address the issue. Frankly, removing trained law-abiding gun users from Union Station actually makes the station more dangerous. As school shootings have shown, the only way to deal with an active shooting is to quickly neutralize them. It doesn’t matter who neutralizes them, as long as it’s done quickly.

    If Toronto City Council wishes to ban gun clubs on public property, they are well within their ability to do so. They should be honest as to the reasoning – they don’t like the sport and wish to get rid of lawful uses of firearms – and not pretend they are doing it for reasons of public safety.