Bev Oda will continue to live large in retirement


Bev Oda officially stepped down from her cabinet post and her seat in Parliament this Tuesday, says the National Post. The former minister of international development announced her resignation on July 3rd, after coming under a wave of criticism for extravagant spending at a development conference in London.

While retirement for Oda may not include nights at the Savoy Hotel and $16 orange juice, will continue to live very comfortably in retirement, thanks to a generous taxpayer funded pension.

The 67-year-old now qualifies for a parliamentary pension of $52,183 a year, of which Oda herself has contributed only $130,000. By the time Oda reaches 80, Canadian tax payers will have spent almost $700,000 on her retirement.

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Bev Oda will continue to live large in retirement

  1. I wonder if she’ll use the taxpayer money to buy 43,750 glasses of orange juice at $16 a pop?

    Why not? After all, I highly doubt she is going to need any of this money for living expenses…those will be paid for by whichever CPC donor corporation is planting her on their board for all the favours Harper gave them.

    Unfortunately, based on the banner ads on the right of my screen, I highly doubt we’ll see an article about THAT when it happens. Right Macleans?


    • Bev changed room because she smokes cigarettes…she wanted a room that permits smoking. I`m glad she`s gone. Bet i`ve paid more taxes than her…

  2. Maybe her smoking habit will get the best of her!

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