Be careful in Disney World

People get hurt on those roller coasters; you just don’t hear about it


Over the past five years, almost 500 people have filed lawsuits against Florida’s major theme park companies (Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando and Busch Entertainment Corp.) and in 101 of those cases, plaintiffs have claimed serious and debilitating injuries—even death—from roller coasters and other high-impact rides. Yet not a single one of those cases ever reached trial. It seems that the parks are more than happy to settle out of court and keep all the details secret than go before a jury and invite public scrutiny of their potentially dangerous attractions. “We take the safety of our guests as our highest priority,” said Universal spokesman Tom Schroder. “That said, we’re not going to discuss our legal strategies or the details of specific cases.”

Orlando Sentinel

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Be careful in Disney World

  1. Top 10 Worst Walt Disney Attractions.

    10) Guess What Animal Goofy Is.

    9) Out Drink Donald Duck.

    8) Inform Scrooge McDuck How His Stock Portfolio Just Tanked. In 3-D.

    7) Chemistry Laboratory Safari.

    6) Tending Walt Disney’s Cryogenic Chamber.

    5) Indiana Jones and The Large Rolling Stone. He Only Has To Outrun You.

    4) Helping Peter Pan Find Meaningful Employment In This Economy.

    3) “The Computer That Wore Tennis Shoes” Ride. (Essentially just grounding yourself with live computer cables and 600V.)

    2) Cage Fighting With Buzz Lightyear.

    1) It’s A Small World

  2. i do not like riding these rides. my heart could not take it. the rides are
    just to much jerking around. there are going to be injuries.

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