Bickering pilots forget to land -

Bickering pilots forget to land

“Heated discussion” on flight deck causes jetliner crew to overshoot airport in Minneapolis by 240 km


Fasten your seatbelts, passengers. It seems those soothing messages from the captain mask an all-too human reality of short fuses among crew members during crowded domestic flights. In the case of Northwest Airlines Flight 188 from San Diego, a “heated discussion” in the cockpit caused the Airbus A320 to fly for more than 240 km past its Minneapolis destination on Wednesday, airline officials confirmed. More alarming still for ground-based controllers, the jetliner was in radio silence for more than an hour, raising concerns of a hijacking. The plane ended up turning around and landing safely, but the U.S. transportation safety board says it is investigating. So-called “fatigue issues” may be a factor, it says.

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Bickering pilots forget to land

  1. Kind of reminds me of an 'unexpected departure' (BC Ferries official designation) a few years ago when a vehicle that was about to drive onto the ferry went into the drink as the ferry pulled away during loading. These official explanations that are intended to reassure passengers just make the situation even more alarming.

  2. "Fatigue issues"??? I'd love to hear what they were arguing about. I hope it was something completely unrelated to matters of aviation. If they coudn't agree on how to land the plane, that's disturbing.

  3. The reporting of false news is irksome. The pilot and co-pilot claim they were arguing about airline policy. Very few people in aviation believe their story. For Macleans to report their assertion as fact is plainly wrong. So far, what the pilots were doing is unknown. How the reporters and editors of Macleans can justify reporting false news is beyond comprehension. Perhaps all they're trying to do is publish a comic book.

  4. Time flies when you're having fun.

  5. The cockpit voice recorder will clear this matter.