Big Brother watching the Canada-US border?

US Predator jet to patrol the air


The Ottawa Citizen reports that the United States is testing “formidable spy technology” over the skies of upstate New York and Eastern Ontario. An unmanned Predator B aircraft, equipped with leading edge surveillance equipment, including “advanced optical equipment and infrared sensors,” will keep its all-seeing electronic eye on the ground and waterways between Buffalo and Cornwall, watching for “terrorists, drug runners and other criminal elements.” According to the Citizen, during a test run last month, the plane was able to beam live video back to Washington, DC. ” The operation launched last month as part of Homeland Security’s “Operation Empire Shield.”

Ottawa Citizen

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Big Brother watching the Canada-US border?

  1. It is really unfortunate that the "let's play war" guys are constantly getting their way with this madness. All of these new "security" measures were on a shelf somewhere in Washington long before 9/11, but they met with sound, sensible opposition before the big event. Now they've convinced the public that nothing is too intrusive or expensive to protect the "empire". It's happening here too. Recently I saw a news report of police responding to an alleged gun sighting incident in Brampton. They had about 30 guys with huge helmets and tinted visors and batons and curved shields that were nearly as tall as the men. It was quite a sight to see them advancing on some derelict townhouse, in lock-step. Once they established that there was no gun, the remaining footage covered their retreat. It looked a bunch of battle weary warriors returning from the Crusades. Every cop car was all blacked-out and stealth and had big steel tubing structures in place of the bumpers. What's the idea there, ramming through barricades? The whole scene looked like children playing some silly war game. This has gone way too far and we, just like the Yanks, will regret the day we handed this much power to people who know no limits to this nonsense. If you look hard enough for trouble, you'll find some.