Big drinkers

Ten per cent responsible for 53 per cent of the alcohol consumed in Canada


A new study reveals that 10 per cent of Canadians aged 15 and older are responsible for drinking 53 per cent of all the alcohol consumed in Canada. Researchers at the University of Victoria also found that, among those surveyed, 54 per cent of all alcohol consumption is over the suggested limit (that’s 10 drinks a week for women; 20 drinks a week for men). Among young adults, the numbers were even higher: nearly 80 per cent of alcohol consumption among 15 to 24-year-old Canadians is in excess of the low-risk guidelines. About 21.5 per cent of those aged 15 and older are at risk of acute or chronic harm as a result of drinking. Researchers also noted that people tend to under report their drinking.

University of Victoria

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Big drinkers

  1. Whoa. Reads even better after my 4th scotch….

  2. My bad… I swear I’ll behave at Christmas dinner next year.

  3. no doubt the increase in price and rigid enforcement of sale has some effect on comsumption: the AGCO in Ontario are absolute Nazis, especially when any org has the audacity to hold an event outside an already-liscensed venue. what i’m curious about it is, how high can the price go, and how rigid the serving laws, before we tilt way over to home brew like places like italy or russia? maybe i[m pessimistic– maybe it;ll be sunny some day and we’ll all become a nation of abstainers… and please feel free to criticize my drunken spelling…

  4. this also means that 90% of drinkers are doing just fine….

  5. Sorry, I have to call b*llsh*t on this one. Let’s see some details, for instance who did the study. Sounds like one of those with a predetermined outcome to me.

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