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Justin Bieber makes apology to Bill Clinton


Paul Stuart/Camera Press/Redux

In the hours after a video of a (likely) drunk Justin Bieber showed him peeing in a restaurant mop bucket and then hurling an expletive at former U.S. president Bill Clinton on the way out the door, the teen pop star had a little apologizing to do.

Bieber appears to have issued some sort of verbal apology to Clinton, according to reports.

Bieber then used his Twitter account to follow up Wednesday night.

Good thing Stephen Colbert forced Clinton to join Twitter back in April, or the world never would have know about Bieber’s talk with the former president.

The video, which was leaked to gossip site TMZ and posted Wednesday, was thought to be taken in New York City “earlier this year,” writes the site. After peeing in a yellow mop bucket while his entourage laughs, the video shows the teen star spraying a photo of Clinton on the wall with cleaning solution and yelling “F–k Bill Clinton!”


Justin Bieber makes apology to Bill Clinton

  1. how do you know he was likely drunk, and where did you get this story, TMZ??? The person in the video resembles him, but is not. He utters not one word

    • you were there too?

  2. Someone needs a spanking.

  3. This kid is a Canadian shame. Stop talking about him. Although Clinton may not deserve our respect for what he did, the kid should respect elders.

  4. As a Canadian I am embarrased that he could throw away the great good he could do to sink into the mire of low life swill. Shame on him. He should do back home
    to his tribe.

  5. If Justin is a Christian as he claims to be, he needs to start to walk the walk… his behavior recently is a shame, his mom needs to reel him in before we read he has been killed in a car crash or something like that… praying for you Justin, time to get yer life back on track/

    • hey dude, let he who is without sin pee in the first bucket.

  6. Both Justin Bieber and his music manager Scooter Braun should be fined $10 million each for urinating in that NY restaurant kitchen. In addition to the $10 million dollar fines they both should pay, they both should be required to perform 200 hours of community service.

  7. Time to grow up Justin. You may consider yourself above human decency but some poor everyday schmuck like me had to come to work and clean up your childish mess.

  8. Is it me or is that picture of Justin Bieber a horrible hack job? What is wrong with his neck?

    • It’s a shadow. Ironically, it’s an extremely easy fix in PhotoShop.

  9. Beiber respects no one. He is a bigger train wreck than Lindsay Lohan

  10. What he should be made to do is go back and mop the floor and stairs of that kitchen.

  11. Jimmy Kimmel mentioned this on his show last night and asked when Canada is coming to pick Bieber up.. Hopefully never.. you can keep him. He’s not even house trained.

  12. alot is not a word. Sad, he thinks it is.