Bill O'Reilly's lament: 'The white establishment is now the minority' -

Bill O’Reilly’s lament: ‘The white establishment is now the minority’


Wither the white establishment, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly lamented during election coverage Tuesday night.

If President Barack Obama wins again, O’Reilly predicted before the final election results were in but when things were already looking bad for the Republicans, it will be because “traditional America” no longer exists.

“The white establishment is now the minority,” said O’Reilly. “The voters, many of them, feel that the economic system is stacked against them and they want stuff.”

He goes on to say that Hispanics and blacks will vote overwhelmingly for Obama, and that women are more likely to vote for the president, as well.

“People feel that they are entitled to things and which candidate, between the two, is going to give them those things?” he asks.

Though O’Reilly’s comments were enough to earn him an honourary spot on Salon’s “The 20 biggest sore losers of election night” list (putting him in the same company as sore loser Donald Trump), O’Reilly wasn’t entirely wrong about who would be voting the president back for a second term.

According to exit polls conducted by CNN, white voters were more likely to vote Republican, while African-American, Latino and Asian voters were much more likely to vote for the Democratic candidate. Women were also more likely to support President Barack Obama, according to the poll.

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Bill O’Reilly’s lament: ‘The white establishment is now the minority’

  1. Quite true…and it happened because ‘traditional America’ never lived up to it’s promise of equality.

    • If America lived up to its promise of equality, it would have had to take away from those who worked hard and used their brains and given it to those who didn’t and that’s what Obama or at least the people that voted for him are hoping for.

      • In case anyone thinks I’m talking about just Hispanics, blacks and women, almost half of all white men voted for Obama as well.

        • Equality of result was never promised….equality of opportunity was. That didn’t happen.

          Stop listening to dumbass Limbaugh.

          • I’ve never listened to Limbaugh dumbass, I mean dumbass Limbaugh. Are you saying that before Obama, the great savior, minorities didn’t have the same opportunities as whites? There are more poor and unemployed Americans of all races including whites now than there were before Obama took office. And I bet that some of the poorest people in America are white people. I’m sick and tired of hearing about how the “privileged white folk” are responsible for keeping the non-white people poor. What are you going to use an excuse now that the “white majority” are now to be a minority? I bet you and everyone else who will be the majority now and in power like the president will continue to blame “whites” for everything until they are all gone. I also bet you’ll continue to blame them for everything long after they’re gone like liberals blame George Bush for everything that is going on in the U.S. today, four years after Obama has been in charge. Also, what are minorities (soon to be a majority) going to do when they no longer qualify as a minority for special treatment and they can’t rely on the white establishment ( which is now a minority) to support them anymore. It probably won’t matter because they will just take whatever they want from what’s left of the “privileged white” minority much like what happened in South Africa after apartheid.

          • How old are you anyhow?

            Too old to be this clueless fer shure.

          • Sorry, my bad. What was i thinking? Opportunities for minorities have increased exponentially since Obama became president. Just like you and he said, blacks, Hispanics and others are now thriving under his great leadership. The president has done so much to employ and improve the lives of those that suffered so much under the evil George Bush, we should all bow down to him in utmost respect for what he has done. Minorities everywhere in the U.S. are ecstatic for the wealth they are achieving and the final realization of the great American dream they have aspired to but could never achieve under the Bush regime or any other leader in the past. My hat’s off to the great statesman and true leader who finally achieved what no other leader in the past was able to. My hero and yours, the eminent Barack Obama!

          • Fer shure.

          • I realize you are just ranting, but one thing you’d better learn and fast is that all humans have the same DNA. All humans have the same level of intelligence, and as far as we’ve been able to discover, we all came from Africa.

            There are no ‘races’….that’s a cultural construct, not a biological one……and no one is superior.

    • In case anyone thinks I’m talking about just Hispanics, blacks and women, almost half of all white men voted for Obama as well.

  2. In other words Hispanics, blacks and women overwhelmingly think they are entitled to things? What a jerk.

    • Yep, those are folks that you see at the Tea Party rallies saying,keep your goverment hands off my Medicare.

  3. Core message: Those People (capital T, capital P) are getting too uppity!

  4. Maybe a jerk but 100% truth!

    • White owned banks sent the country into a recession, white owned companies ship jobs to China, white owned insurance companies make profits and deny claims, white companies make guns… cigarettes, alcohol and guns. White legislators for years have passed laws to subjugate women, people of colors, gays and lesbians. And now when a mix of Whites, Blacks and Latinos come together and say no more they cry like little bitches. You had your run, time to give the country back to the many.

      • Another example of a complete racist and an idiot. Not everyone that is in a position of power is white you moron and not all white people cry like little bitches as you so ignorantly and inarticulately put it. This is the single most stupidest comment I’ve ever seen by a total racist idiot anywhere online. I’m sure there are many more like you who voted for Obama. BTW, apparently you think that you know everyone who has any control over anything and they are all white, If that’s the case, how did Obama become president? You make the stupidest argument I’ve ever heard and then prove yourself wrong in the same statement. What a loser. I don’t have anything against Obama myself except that I don’t agree with the way he is running the country but like I said before, I’m sure there are many people like yourself who voted for him based on your utter stupidity, ignorance and hatred towards “whites”.

  5. Well.. he’s not wrong. People do feel they’re entitled to things. Many white males, for instance, seem to feel they’re entitled to being the top dog at all gatherings, and get put out when they get a reminder that this might not be the case.

    • Spoken like a true racist.

      • I’m white and I used to live with a couple of black roommates who I would go out partying with on occasion. The funny thing is, they would always pretend that they were the top dog wherever they went to impress the other guys and pick up the girls. I was just myself and didn’t care about playing that game. They eventually lost interest in bringing me along because I didn’t fit in with whatever impression they were trying to achieve. When I go out with my white buddies, none of us ever have the slightest desire to be “top dog”. We just enjoy being ourselves and having a good time. Every “white” guy I’ve ever gone anywhere with has been the same way. In my experience, the only guys I’ve ever been with who have always tried to act like they were “top dog” were black. In fact, if there were other black guys there, they would all be playing that game to impress each other and the girls. I’m not saying that all black guys are this way or that all white guys aren’t, I’m just saying, I don’t understand why Thwim would attempt to make it sound like white guys are the ones trying to be “top dogs” everywhere. That’s never been my experience.

        • As a side note, I once went to an after hours party at a house with my black roommates. The only reason I was allowed in was because I was with them. I was horrified at what I saw. The house was full of black guys and white girls, some underage, smoking weed and doing coke and they had a room where they would take girls,some of whom they had picked up earlier from clubs and try to get them hooked on drugs so they could do whatever they wanted to them. If they refused, the girls would get beaten. I heard pimps telling the younger guys how to treat the girls so they would do whatever they were told and the young guys listened intently while their “trainer” laughed. At one point, I heard a girl screaming from one of the rooms while the guys around me ignored it or said things like “bitch is getting what she deserves”. She might have been being murdered or raped and they couldn’t care less. At that point, I’d had enough and left the house followed by my roommates. They told me the police were going to be there and we went home. I later found out that the girl had been viciously beaten and raped. I felt sick to my stomach for ever having trusted my roommates. I moved out shortly afterward but not before finding out that one of them who had been collecting our money every month to pay for the rent and bills had instead used the money to fund his own music career which never went anywhere. I learned my lesson. I cut off all ties and never associated with them ever again. The curious thing is, I’ve never been to a “gathering” like the one in this story where it was all white men wanting to be “top dog” plying girls with drugs, beating and raping them. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, but being white, you’d think I would have come across the white version long before I ever saw the black version but I have never come across anything even remotely like this before or since this horrible experience which happened 25 years ago.

          • You’d best get back to your bridge.. some sheep might be crossing it.

  6. It’s not 50% of the population that wants things, it’s 100% of the population. They just don’t all want the same things. Some want their health insurance to cover their medications, ALL of them, regardless of what they do. Some want to be able to bring their guns to school. Or they want cheaper gas. Or they want clean water. Or they want to get married. Or they want to drink a 36 ounce soda. Or they want to be able to use incredibly cheap and environmentally toxic materials in their manufacturing processes without penalty. There isn’t any part of the electorate that doesn’t want things. It’s just that a majority of the country want the things Obama will give them, not the things Romney was going to give them.

    • Well, I hope that all the minorities (not the minorities anymore but I’m sure they’ll call themselves that forever so they get special treatment) will be happy when Obama gives them everything that they ask for (don’t hold your breath) and America collapses because there isn’t enough “white establishment” to create and support the economy anymore. It is said that people deserve the government they get and that’s exactly what is going to happen.

  7. The entire system is broken! The thought that each individual state controls the elections and how the vote is carried out is ludicrous. The US is fond of exporting it’s form of democracy … really … there are third world/emerging countries with a more efficient voting system. This is not a Dem v Repu rant it’s just FACT the system is ridiculous! Revamp and start over again .. Go home .. stay out of other countries business until you can get your own house in order (good luck on that) .. This is just evolution. Read history the US took over from Britain in running the ‘world’ .. well don’t look now BUT .. Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

  8. Poor Bill…women and colored folks want what he and all his white male friends have ‘traditionally always had’. Life sucks.

    • I’ve never seen such racism in my life against whites, especially men until Obama was elected. These posts are just one example. Neither I, nor any of my “white” friends have ever been privileged or got anything in life handed to us because we were white. We’ve all had to work hard and study hard to get where we are. Some of us never made it and have suffered greatly. We will never know what it’s like to demand and receive special treatment because we are a “minority”. I’m sure however that if it wasn’t for the us, the minorities out there would be in far worse shape than they are now. The so called privileged white society you so spew so much racism and hatred towards fought and died to free you from slavery, give you the vote, support you and give you jobs and housing and all you’ve done is blame us for all your problems from the beginning of time. There is nothing the “white establishment” could ever do to make you happy and the only thing that will in your eyes is our annihilation so you can take everything from us we ever created.

  9. Wall Street is by far the biggest pig a the entitlement trough. They feel entitled to private profits, while the public covers the losses.

  10. so what?