Billion Dollar Baby? -

Billion Dollar Baby?

Alberta deficit set to double B.C.


For the first time since 1993, the Alberta government is set to report a $1-billion deficit—more than double that of B.C. Alberta’s finance minister Iris Evans blames the implosion of commodities prices, and declines in the value of the $16-billion Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund, which, like all other large investment funds has taken a beating since the market crash this fall.

Edmonton Journal

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Billion Dollar Baby?

  1. It must be that damned NEP!

  2. No, it’s the carbon tax. Dion merely talking about it during the summer destroyed the Alberta economy.

  3. You’re both wrong.

    It was the coalition with the separatists!

  4. It’s a lag effect from Pronger leaving for Anaheim