Bin Laden uses response to Pakistani floods to drum up support -

Bin Laden uses response to Pakistani floods to drum up support

Al Qaeda leader’s third video in recent weeks calls on West to do more to fight poverty


Osama Bin Laden released a new video Friday which uses the Pakistani floods to drum up support to his cause. “If governments spent (on relief) only one percent of what is spent on armies, they would change the face of the world for poor people,” Bin Laden says in the 11 minute video. According to a U.S. intelligence group, the tape was posted on Islamic militant websites. Bin Laden’s latest video took a more peaceful tone than the two other videos the al Qaeda leader has released in recent weeks. The earlier messages included calls for Muslims in Pakistan to join Islamist militants and overthrow ruling leaders.

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Bin Laden uses response to Pakistani floods to drum up support

  1. Heh. He ain't lacking in audacity, that's for sure. Bin Laden the Humanitarian. Has a nice ring to it. Next thing you know he'll be starting his own benevolence fund and applying for tax credits.

  2. tell ya what Osama, ol' buddy, you focus on not committing mass murder, and we'll focus on helping people more than we already do.

  3. He can and he will, if it means more meat for his grinder.
    That is one of the fastest ways for religion to recruit new bodies… grab them while they are writhing in pain.

  4. As governments around the world issue travel advisories warning of al qaeda terrorist attacks on tourists in Europe, Bin Ladin laments the money spent on national security. How much has been spent because of him? And since he's in the business of measuring social costs…how many Muslims have died thanks to the inspiration he has provided his brutal followers? How many would have married; had children, grandchildren, great-granchildren; started businesses, created jobs, contributed alms to the poor; made scientific discoveries; and developed new knowledge for the benefit of mankind?

    OBL has a lot to answer for in this life and the next.

  5. So he wants us to pay Pakistan while he keeps trying to bomb us / keeps attacking our troops?
    Turn yourself in bud, your never going to win.

  6. It's strange – never a lot of Middle East Oil money going to these disaster areas

  7. Probably he's tired living in a cave and wearing burqas, so chose halo instead. Who knows somebody might mistake him for Jesus resurrected. After all, there are so many gullibles in UN alone, how much more those who are hungry and angry?

  8. Hahahahaha, Osama the Humanitarian.. He gets more ridiculous each time.