Birmingham halts camera surveillance in Muslim suburbs -

Birmingham halts camera surveillance in Muslim suburbs

Community upset that network of 169 cameras was funded by counter terrorism agency


Police in Birmingham, England are apologizing for not being upfront about the source of their funding for 169 license-plate-tracking cameras that are being installed in predominantly Muslim neighbourhoods. There were angry public meetings last week after residents learned that virtually every car trip in Washwood Heath and Sparkbrook will be recorded and stored for two years. Officials with the Safer Birmingham Partnership (SBP), the coalition of local police and government responsible for the cameras, told the Guardian that their decision to blanket Muslim areas reflected general crime statistics, not just counter terrorism intelligence.


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Birmingham halts camera surveillance in Muslim suburbs

  1. and while u r about it, y don't u kiss the ground they walk on while planning to destroy u? after all, they have the right to plan it, yeah!? terrorist intelligence is countering you, not the other way around.

  2. wow.. isn't that a bit stereotypical of you? not ALL people of any faith are trying to "destroy you".
    Although I understand they are upset, I think that perhaps this might help tracking potential crimes in the future.
    I think we need to stop using religion as a label in western countries. It's really stupid when a brown man commits a crime that his religion gets added into the mix, but if it's a white man , no one says "christian man" did this..

    • If the man's faith (muslim, christian or whatever) is relevant to his motive (or possible motive), then yes, it is and should be mentioned.

      I have never seen an example of a criminal being described as muslim when the crime was clearly not remotely religious (a DUI or a liquor store robbery, for example). But if you have some examples, pelase share.