Birth control adopted in Tory health initiative -

Birth control adopted in Tory health initiative

Conservatives still want to avoid debate on abortion


Stephen Harper’s government has reversed its stance after coming under fire for saying the maternal health initiative it plans to champion at the upcoming G8 summit this June will not deal with “family planning.” Opposition MPs rallied against the government when foreign affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said the plan won’t include contraception earlier this week, arguing that family planning is needed to reduce unwanted pregnancies and prevent unsafe abortion and the spread of HIV/AIDS. Prime Minister Stephen Harper clarified his position in reaction to the criticism on Thursday, saying “we are not closing doors against any options, including contraception, but we do not want a debate here or elsewhere on abortion.” International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda also spoke out on the issue, saying the government had never planned to write off options with the potential of saving lives.

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Birth control adopted in Tory health initiative

  1. "Not closing the door on any option" is not the same thing as "Birth control adopted in Tory health initiative".

    Please fix the title – it's misleading.

  2. Is the opposition by any chance concerned about CANADIAN women whose rights and freedoms are being threatened here in Canada by MULTICULTURALISM? Do they not know that the insanely destrcutive doctrine of MULTICULTURALISM is already being used to validate 3rd world cultures in Canada where women have little or no rights, Islamic Shariah law being the prime example? Will Canadian women be forced to wear the horrific Burqa or Niqab within our lifetime because of MULTICULTURALISM? I'd like to know their stand on this.

    • what about the fact that Canada is more than a third Catholic ..what are the Catholics views on abortion? and how about equality? shouldn't the pope be a woman by now seeing we are in the 21st centrury