Black can’t get bail

US Judge refuses ex-media moguls request to be freed during appeal process


Conrad Black has been in a Florida prison since he was convicted on three counts of fraud and one count of obstruction of justice in 2007— and the former CEO of Hollinger International will be stuck in a cell for at least another 11 months. The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to review his obstruction of justice charge, but will not release a verdict until June 2010. So Black put forward a motion to be released on bail during the interim. But a U.S. district court judge turned the motion down—saying the convicted fraudster failed to prove that the Supreme Court would likely reverse his conviction or reduce his sentence enough to justify any kind of release. Of the four co-defendants convicted of fraud, Black is the only one still serving time in a U.S. prison. One was not given jail time, another is out on bail, and the third will likely be released on parole from a prison in Ontario.

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Black can’t get bail

  1. Of course he didn't get bail. The American courts know 100% that taken to the letter of the law, he's not guilty. The prosecutors failed to produce evidence detailing who suffered. Without proof of suffering, there is no crime. When Black got convicted, they were on a witch hunt for any high profile CEO they could hammer and show the peons that they were taking white collar crime seriously. "There, we got one for ya, folks, aren't we cool? Even Lords can't beat this puppy." Now they're going to abuse the process to teach him a lesson and then reduce his sentence to "time served". It's how they always do it when they're wrong. In short order Conrad Black will be hit with a chance to walk, but only if he eats a giant humble pie and crawls out of jail. If they really don't like you, then they send you on a whirl-wind tour of the nastiest institutions on your way out. The last shot is releasing him when there's another big story in the news. Conrad who? It all fades out with little more than a whimper.

  2. The sub-heading of this story needs an apostrophe – "media mogul's"