Blair ‘regrets’ loss of life in Iraq

Former British PM warns of challenge from Iran


Tony Blair appeared on Friday for the last time in front of the Chilcot inquiry, which is investigating the lead-up to the Iraq war. The former British PM said he “regrets deeply and profoundly the loss of life” during the Iraq war, clarifying previous comments he made during his previous testimony in which he expressed no regrets in taking the decision to go to war. His statement was met with cries of “too late” from the public gallery. Blair’s testimony revealed that he had told George W. Bush that he could “count on us,” and admitted disregarding Attorney General Lord Goldsmith’s warning, which the former Prime Minister called “provisional,” that invading Iraq without the backing of the UN would be illegal. Blair also took the opportunity to warn about the destabilizing threat presented by Iran, saying the West has a “wretched policy, or posture, of apology for believing that we are causing what the Iranians are doing, or what these extremists are doing. The fact is we are not.”

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Blair ‘regrets’ loss of life in Iraq

  1. Blair , Bush , Cheney et al should all be in the prisoner's dock facing war crimes. Remember our useless neo con PM harped about joining the invasion. Thankfully he was just in the opposition when illegal invasion was committed.

    • As someone who has been a Liberal his entire life, I do not think that Blair, Bush and Cheney deserve comparison with Saddam Hussein. Nor does Stephen Harper. Saddam Hussein was in a league with Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong, not with democratically elected leaders like Blair, Bush and Harper.

  2. The inquiry also released a note from Mr Blair to Jonathan Powell, his chief of staff, shortly before his visit to then US President George Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas, in April 2002, in which he argued that Labour should be "gung-ho" about dealing with Saddam Hussein.

    Giving his reaction to Mr Blair's appearance, Former Lib Dem leader Sir Menzies Campbell said Mr Blair's "evangelical, even messianic, determination" to confront Saddam Hussein meant he had ignored anyone with misgivings.

    The public were not given the "full information" about the extent of division in the government over the issue, he told the BBC.

    SNP leader and Scottish first minister Alex Salmond accused Mr Blair of weaving a "tapestry of deceit".

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  3. The inquiry also released a note from Mr Blair to Jonathan Powell, his chief of staff, shortly before his visit to then US President George Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas, in April 2002, in which he argued that Labour should be "gung-ho" about dealing with Saddam Hussein.

  4. I did not support the US-led invasion of Iraq, because it was kind of like Rikki Tikki Tavi jumping into a snake hole with no way out, but the world is a better place now that Saddam Hussein is gone. I'm sorry that many people consider George W. Bush and Tony Blair to be liable for war crimes, because Bush and Blair don't deserved to be compared to Saddam.

    • Since you bring it up there are parallels. "Dwight D. Eisenhower: a great American President , said, " Preventive war was an invention of Hitler. Frankly, I would not even listen to anyone seriously that came and talked about such a thing. "
      Now your hero Bush believed in Preventive War with the result hundreds of thousands have died for no reason unless you believe spilling blood for oil is O.K . Blair just wagged his tail and trotted like a puppy seeking Bush's approval.

  5. Saddam Hussein WAS a force of instability in the Middle East. In 1980, he started the third bloodiest war of the twentieth century (after WWI and WWII) by ordering the invasion of Iran. Ten years later, he ordered the invasion of Kuwait, causing an untold number of lost lives and leaving an oil spume that blanketed the country because of the oil wells that he ordered burned. On top of all that, he ordered the bombing of Iraqi Kurds with sarin gas and started draining the marshes of the Persian Gulf to force the Shi'ite rebels to capitulate. Kanan Makiya, who first revealed Saddam's atrocities in 1978, said of the invasion of Iraq: "It was the right thing to do."

  6. Blair was not 'Labour' but 'neo-Liberal'…same as 'neo-conservative', the first priority was power and the preservation of corporate interests. The political labels are just that…labels, not backed up by traditional principles. I'm watching the development of progressive-libertarians, who are starting to understand that they have a lot in common. Smaller government, less intrusive and a restoration of core individual rights, as well as putting corporations on a much shorter leash.

  7. Blair is still tightly aligned with Israeli interests. His support for the view of Iran as a threat is straight out of the "No peace settlement EVER" Israeli playbook…..where Iran is used a distraction every time any one suggests its time for peace talks in Palestine. The pattern over the past decade could not be more clear: Provoke and threaten again and again…then accuse the party that responds to provocation and threats oof being anti-semitic. Balis is complicit in this, too, as he has been complicit in so many other things. I wonder what they have on him to make him jump like this?

  8. A convenient outlook Tony LaJeunesse, how quickly they forget. Sadam was the USA's hand picked boy, set up, by the CIA to oust the Iatola Khomeni. He was a face in the crowd until the USA cultivated him and manipulated him into power. The problem was he didn't do as he was told, that's how he became an enemy. To even imply that short pants Bush and Cheney were 'duely elected' is also ignoring facts. They lost the final count 3 times out of four, amazing…. clearly his brother Jeb ordered the ballot tabulators to recount until his brother won. That is not a democratic election, it is the sort of election we hear about from Africa.
    How anyone can still provide credibility to Blair is as ridiculous as Tony's logic. This lackey has shown his colours, and his willingness to continue the US propaganda with his closing statements from the stand in court. It would be nice to someday see one of these sellouts being held accountable for their actions

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