Blame the Olympics -

Blame the Olympics

Strain of securing the Games exposes Parliament Hill to breaches like the Greenpeace stunt, says expert


The RCMP has just been handed the perfect out for everything it does wrong—at least until March 2. Safeguarding the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, says Wes Wark, a security expert with the University of Toronto, has drawn down police resources across the country, leaving gaps in the force’s day-to-day operations. Case in point, Greenpeace’s recent stunt of climbing on the roof of the Parliament Buildings and hanging banners denouncing government inaction on climate change. The incident is “a huge cream pie in the face of the RCMP,” says another security specialist, given costly security measures the Mounties adopted on Parliament Hill after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Ottawa Citizen

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Blame the Olympics

  1. What a lame excuse!!

  2. Well, when Public Safety demands that at half of the force's members be on site for the Olympic Games, what do you expect? Half the officers can't do the whole job.

    Accordingly, if the better part of the policing budget is spent on the Olympic Games and the G8/G20, how operational can we really expect the force's other tasks- such as financial crime investigations, drug ops, or firearms ops – to be?

  3. It wouldn't have taken a rocket scientist to figure out that the unguarded scaffolding was an invitation for this stunt.