Bloc bus


Gilles Duceppe gives a smooch to his wife, Yolande Brunelle, at the Hyatt Hotel in Montreal, where the Bloc caucus met to get the election party (or slaughter) started.

Gilles Duceppe’s bus.

One of the cooler Bloc supporters.

Bloc MP Ève-Mary Thaï Thi Lac.

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Bloc bus

  1. You know, drop the accent from that bus slogan and you basically have the entire platform of both the Liberals and the Conservatives.

  2. lord bob. freqking genius.

  3. I bow to you, Lord Bob. Great line.

    One has to wonder though whether the Bloc’s misfortunes have something to do with the fact that their motto promises attendance and nothing else.

    Way to set the bar high.

  4. In this election, it’s the most aggressive platform thus far.

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