'Bob Cole has been trolling us for years' - Macleans.ca

‘Bob Cole has been trolling us for years’

… and other things said on a hockey night in Canada


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‘Bob Cole has been trolling us for years’

  1. Bob Cole is always on top of the game way to go :-)

  2. What?, all these positive comments.
    Im 50+ and remember thinking Cole sounded like a fossil when I was a kid.
    I thought the article was going to be an expose’ on life extension?.
    Hey, HNIC, the game is being played/dominated by 20 year olds, cant we let their great grand parents just watch the games?

  3. It’s bad enough that the cbc has the game but then to add insult to injury I have to listen to that blithering idiot! Worst play by play I’ve ever heard. Only the cbc would have such a disaster calling a game. Had to switch off sound and listen to radio play by play.