Bob Rae is Petrou-fied


Unlike the books section of the Globe and Mail, the LRC consistently chooses competent and original reviewers. Which is why our Michael Petrou must be pleased with the critique Bob Rae delivers of his book Renegades: Canadians in the Spanish Civil War.

Form the LRC’s June issue:

Petrou’s book does not soar. It is a thesis turned into a book, so if you are looking for dramatic prose or the broad landscape of the war you will not find it here. But you will find a painstaking account off the courageous band who chose to fight fascism before it was politically fashionable and the tough battles they fought with little training, lousy equipment, and military leadership that was haphazard at best.

Lucky for us, Petrou saves the soaring prose for his magazine columns.

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Bob Rae is Petrou-fied

  1. This only proves Peter Van Loan’s thoughtful point that the Liberals are Communists.

  2. I have been corrected of late that I suffered from a mistake in history as I always thought fascism was a result of Conservative philosophy taken to an extreme however a friend of mine who teached Political Science corrected me and told me it was quite the reverse as it is generally speaking more often than not an extension of Liberal philosophy taken to an extreme as an example the national socialists re: german liberals whose leader was ol Adolph! – wow who would have thought

  3. I’m afraid you still don’t have a clue, Wayne. Maybe you should try reading a book or at least Wikipedia.

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