Bob Rae selected as interim Liberal leader -

Bob Rae selected as interim Liberal leader

Former Ontario premier expected to guide struggling party for next 18 to 24 months


The Liberals have selected Ontario MP Bob Rae as their interim leader. Rae was selected to lead the party in a temporary capacity until a more permanent solution can be found sometime in the next 18 to 24 months. Quebec MP Marc Garneau unsuccessfully challenged Rae for the position, though he said he may run for the permanent leadership should he lose the interim job. Rae is barred from running for the permanent leadership of the party.

The Globe and Mail

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Bob Rae selected as interim Liberal leader

  1. Does anyone know why Rae is barred from running?

    • the Liberal party created conditions for the interim leadership so that the interim leader couldn’t run for the permanent leadership…it is an in-house thing they decided upon.

  2. Yes, and what’s Bob Rae doing in federal politics??  When he was premier of Ontario he gave away Ontario Hydro to his friends.  He gave away the GO system to his friends in
    Spain and then rented it back from them.