Bodychecking leads to more injuries among hockey-playing kids: report

Study finds increased risk of injury to shoulders, arms, head and neck


Canadian researchers have found that when hockey players as young as nine years old were allowed to body check, more injuries occurred than when body checking was only allowed in older divisions. During the 1998-1999 season, Hockey Canada permitted body checking in the Atom Division (the rule has since been reversed). The result, according to a study published in Open Medicine, was an increase in the risk of a body checking injury, with the most common being to the shoulder, arm, head and neck. Lead investigator Dr. Michael Cusimano says: “In Canada, hockey is a sport with great potential to increase the health of individuals; however, it is clear that the risks of body checking far outweigh any potential benefits.”

Open Medicine

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Bodychecking leads to more injuries among hockey-playing kids: report

  1. Q: Why was this report published in Open Medicine?

    A: Because they missed the deadline for submission to The New England Journal of Duh!

  2. Ever watched a hockey game without body checking? It's rather dull.

    I'm not sure if the answer is to start body checking earlier, or later. The earlier it starts, the more likely kids learn that body checking is part of the game, and not just a way to hurt people. On the other hand, younger kids are much more susceptible to injury. If you start hitting too late, you get the problem of having some kids taking it as the opportunity to just be an idiot about it and run over everyone. This can especially be a problem in age groups where some kids have gone through puberty and are more developed, while some are much smaller.

    In the Vancouver area, there is now an entire minor hockey league that has outlawed hitting. It's great for some kids who are a bit smaller, or are new to hockey and haven't developed good skating skills and control, or who have had concussions in the past. That being said, it's the dullest hockey you could ever find. I used to referee these games, and it was just painful.

  3. Kids can't play road hockey, they can't play hockey with physical contact… The way things are going the only hockey our children will be playing will be on their XBOX 360s with their butts firmly rooted in a couch.

  4. Breaking Headline – Captain Obvious not real Captain…

  5. Listen, we must do, what the french want. This month. Next month, they will want it reversed! Or you could all get off your knees to the senile bunch! Remember, a damaged English brain speaks french.

    • You must have been groomed by Don Cherry. You seem like someone who has been hit over the head quite a few times yet you still speak English –

  6. Monsure,
    Why are all European players better stick- handlers and better skaters – they do not start hitting before bantam. You must learn to skate properly before you start hitting in order to avoid injuries. The best skaters are also the best " clean " hitters. How many body checks did Wayne Gretzky give? Yet he was a lot more fun to watch than the goons and he won more hockey games.

    • Gretzky may have not delt many checks but McSorley and Semenko sure did protecting him.

  7. Wayne who? You mean, Eddie Shack? Many games linger in my heavily damaged head, but none of gresky. John Ferguson, Bob Hull, Mikita, Cornoyer, the great richards, etc, none which carried a protector with them. It is the American NHL that is tops in the World, not some dandy, stick handler from Europe. Europe is soccer, where all but England, play it with one eye open moaning on the ground. Comedy, I call it. Remember the french? lol

  8. It took a report to figure this out?

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