Bomb from WWII kills three in Germany -

Bomb from WWII kills three in Germany

Experts warn of danger from aging explosives


A German bomb disposal unit was called to the scene in Goettingen, Germany on Tuesday. The task: to dismantle an American bomb left over from WWII, which construction workers had just found buried 24 feet below the ground. But just an hour before experts were scheduled to dismantle the 1000-pound device, the bomb exploded – killing three, injuring three others, and blowing the fronts off several houses. The Telegraph reports that over 2,000 tons of U.S and British aerial bombs are found each year in Germany. Hans-Juergen Weise, a former bomb disposal expert, explains that the danger posed by these bombs is increasing – as the decades-old detonators begin to rot with age. “One day,” he warns, “such bombs will be so sensitive that no one will be able to handle them.”

The Telegraph

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