Bomb kills army explosives expert -

Bomb kills army explosives expert

Petty Officer (second class) Craig Blake was trained to defuse IEDS


A Canadian soldier specially trained to defuse bombs on the battlefield was killed in Afghanistan yesterday when his convoy was struck by an IED. Petty Officer (second class) Craig Blake was returning to Kandahar Airfield after successfully disposing of another improvised explosive device when a second bomb went off. The 37-year-old, who was just a few weeks into his first tour of duty, leaves behind a wife and two young children. “He was a compassionate and approachable leader whose positive attitude motivated other soldiers to achieve great results,” said Brig.-Gen. Dan Menard, the Canadian commander in the region. Blake’s death brings the number of Canadian troops who have died in Afghanistan to 143, since the mission began in early 2002.


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Bomb kills army explosives expert

  1. Deep condolences to the family of a Hero, Petty Officer Craig Blake, to his brothers and sisters in arms and to all of his friends.__Nous nous souviendrons de votre sacrifice.__We will remember, Sir. RIP__Lucien Alexandre Marion__Gatineau Qc. .__

  2. I am a Petty Officer WW11 vet. I will attend at a Highway of Heroes when Petty Officer Blake comes home and I will wear my service medals to honour him. I hope and pray that the crowds that attend give a small measure of comfort to the Blake family

  3. Petty Officer Blake was a naval sailor, not an army soldier. Please correct.

  4. When WW II ended in 1945, USA were the only country with the ultimate atomic power. Then former USSR acquired it and even built a 100 megaton bomb. The Cold War between the 2 mighty powers nearly came to full war in 1956 (Suez Crisis) and also very closed in the 60's (Cuban Missiles Crisis) but Peace prevailed and the planet was saved from extinction. Since those days of the past, many other countries have acquired the ultimate weapon and may God forbid that this power is used for the destruction of Humanity. Merci-Thank you__Lucien Alexandre Marion. __Canada__In Memorian Right Honourable Lester B. Pearson__ (1897-1972)

  5. I am an ex clearance diver . Why are we still attempting to defuse IED`s either manualy or remotly . The only reasons of worth is either to save lives , property or gather intel . I would guess that neither of these were the case . In the EOD world it is an accepted method of desposal to call in a heavy machine gun or tank to shoot it and action the devise as designed . There is no need in this game to put EOD in harms way .
    I would also like to know why he was on foot walking back to base . Or was he victim to a second devise planted for the purpose of anty personel in the same area as the first.
    There is somthing that stinks with this tragedy and i urge the family to call for a full investigation .

    • In a few case of disposal it is acceptable to use a heavy machine gun or tank but probably not in this case, I think but not sure as the the full extent of the incident has not been revealed yet but I do not imagine that they were walking back to camp. Of all people calling for an investigation!!