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‘Boobs’ song still a problem, as list of Seth MacFarlane haters keeps growing

What more is there to say about the Oscar night monologue?


Two California politicians, Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson and Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal, have sent a letter to Academy Awards president Hawk Koch, complaining about the misogynist nature of Seth MacFarlane’s Oscar jokes. They’ve joined a chorus of other media outlets, blogs and individuals who feel MacFarlane went too far with his “We Saw Your Boobs” song, which included a reference to Jodie Foster, whose chest was seen during a rape scene in The Accused.

The California Democrats are asking that the Academy “disavow” the host and noted that better judgment is needed in deciding on future hosts. “On Oscar night, when Hollywood seeks to honor its best, Seth MacFarlane’s monologue reduced our finest female actresses to caricatures and stereotypes, degrading women as a whole and the filmmaking industry itself.”

While Maclean’s Jaime Weinman said the now infamous song “wasn’t even edgy,” the list of haters grows, including Lena Dunham, the New Yorker and Jane Fonda, who said on her blog, “‘I agree with someone who said, if they want to stoop to that, why not list all the penises we’ve seen?”

Here you go Jane:


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‘Boobs’ song still a problem, as list of Seth MacFarlane haters keeps growing

  1. I’m sure the song was funny to the 12 year olds who watch Family Guy. The people who hired him were obviously not familiar with his work…

    • I am in my fifties and I love Seth. Come on….Stewie wearing a diaper and playing the banjo in a re-do of “Deliverance”. I think the people who hired him knew exactly what his work entailed. They wanted to attract a younger audience. People have to lighten up.

      • Right on!

      • That just proves my point that Family Guy is goofy, puerile foolishness. Not the kind of humor adults are typically into…

  2. god forbid that someone attempt to make the otherwise 3 hours or the oscars watchable… any entertainment ought to be welcome to assist the elderly from falling asleep waiting for the best picture award.

    • The point is that it wasn’t “watchable”. All he did was insult half the population and make the show even lamer than usual.
      A host is supposed to appeal to as broad an audience as possible not alienate and promote disrespect towards a group of people.
      If you defend any of it then you are stupid as him and are incapable of getting it.

      • Really??? Well, if a host is “supposed to appeal to as broad an audience as possible [and] not alienate and promote disrespect toward a group of people”, WHY did they hire Seth MacFarlane and not Billy Crystal? Hint….they were not interested in appealing to a broad (old) audience but rather a young audience who enjoys it when Seth MacFarlane disrespects people. It isn’t a “certain group” that Seth disrespects, it is everybody. I am in my fifties…I am old and and I enjoy Seth’s comedy and I even have boobs. As you can see he could have sang about male celebrity’s “junk”. Maybe that would have been better received.

        • ” As you can see he could have sang about male celebrity’s “junk” …” … but he didn’t, did he? The closest he came to offending anyone other than women was mixing in a bit of racism. You cannot defend this frathouse sexist rubbish when it’s properly public, not cloaked in a silly cartoon for personal viewing that, let’s face it, isn’t intended for younger viewers, but for exactly your demographic, Mr. Insider: adult men who think its funny and edgy. And some of it is. Or maybe you watch it along with the hipsters, thinking you’re being ironic. And maybe you are. But Seth’s performance was a disaster and an offense. Try picturing your wife, or daughter, or mother as the target of this kind of degrading verbal abuse, and you’ll at least begin to see the deep problem with making light of sexism in the workplace and popular culture. It’s just not funny.

          • Jeepers…I told you I am an adult WOMAN, in my fifties….when I said I have boobs, I didn’t mean moobs. If my daughters who are in their 20’s, got their chests pumped full of silicon as almost everyone of those celebrities have done and in the process lost their sense of humor, I would surely feel I had failed as a mother. I would wonder why their self-esteem was so low that they felt they needed to have something perched on their chest to feel good about themselves and why they didn’t appreciate the real purpose of the mammary glands.. the nourishing an infant.
            Further, sexism in the workplace is about professions that women aspire to not being valued the same way that those that men aspire to are. I know all about it….I am a nurse.

          • ” If my daughters who are in their 20’s, got their chests pumped full of silicon as almost everyone of those celebrities have done …” … who, Jodi Foster? Meryl Streep? Selma Hayek? Look, it’s easy to forget, but the Oscars is a trade awards celebration, and what the academy basically just said to women in the profession is this: “we think it’s okay to have some clown with zero credibility in the industry spend the night making creepy sexist jokes (‘you get it? the orgy’s at Jack’s house ‘cuz that’s where Roman Polanski banged that hot piece of underaged tail! Booya! Geez, gals, lighten up! it’s not like I made some joke about seeing Jodi Foster’s boobs in that gangrape scene in the Accused’). That’s how much we value your work.” If you’re a nurse, then imagine if the CNA gave a major plenary session at the next annual meeting to some infamously lecherous male doctor, who then spends the night making light of sexual harassment of female nurses, etc. etc. (“come on, lighten up, gals, why else do you think guys become nurses? I mean, the ones who aren’t gay”). Not cool.

          • So now you are equating Seth MacFarlane’s use of the word “boob” with a “some infamously lecherous male doctor who spends the night making light of the sexual harassment of female nurses”. Holy crap….you should have never watched the show. My guess is Meryl Streep, Jodi Foster and Selma Hayek have all had some work done. It is the price for working in Hollywood….especially if you are a woman. Displaying frontal nudity in a movie is also the price a woman pays to work in Hollywood whether it is of great significance to the storyline or not. You’ll notice that this isn’t the case for men. Why pretend it is otherwise. These women have showed their boobs to millions of people via their work on the screen. Actually, the more people who have seen their boobs, the more successful their films. I don’t think it is news to them that “we’ve all seen their boobs”. Yes Seth MacFarlane was childish in pointing the fact out but it doesn’t mean the real world doesn’t respect the work they have done. I have news for you…nurses don’t work for doctors. We work for health regions. So really it would have to be some lecherous health administrator sexually harassing us and then we would just sue his ass.

          • You did watch the show, right? Are you seriously not getting this? Whatever your speculations about the female actors I mentioned (and it’s telling that you assume they must have had “work” done – I mean, how else could they “make it” in hollywood? Lord forbid they actually succeed in spite of rampant sexism because – gasp! – they’re actually talented?), the fact is that the oscars are a trade convention, and they chose to have it hosted by someone who spent the night denigrating women actors in some really unfunny, creepy ways. If you’re okay with that, then you’re also okay with your own trade association, the CNA, poking some fun at nurses by hiring some sexist prick to prattle on at a major plenary about how male nurses must be gay, and female nurses are only good for one thing (sexual objects for male doctors). If you think that’s wrong in your profession, why do you think it’s okay for the film industry? If you were harassed in the workplace, you’d sue, but somehow you think it’s fine as the brunt of lame fratboy jokes when it comes to acting? That’s just hypocritical.

  3. Think these gals need to watch a little less TV

  4. I am in my late 50s, and I thought Seth MacFarlane was hilarious! For the first time in ages, I actually liked the opening to the Oscars. While it may have gone a little long, I wasn’t offended. Perhaps if I had to see a montage of all of the “boobs” in question, I might have thought it was unnecessary, but come on. Did he lie? No. If we watched those films, we did indeed see their “boobs”, so lighten up everyone! Btw: this reminds me of the whole “Bare Naked Ladies” argument in Toronto years ago. “Boobs” and “bare naked” are silly words, but they are just words.

    • Too many PC indoctrinated people these days. They need to remove the large anthropods out of their posteriors and just have a good laugh at a bit fun.

  5. It’s now official: no major US cultural event, whether it be the SuperBowl halftime show or the Oscars,will be considered complete without the all-important “boob freakout” ritual. Gentlemen, start your twitters!

  6. People will always find something to be offended about. MacFarlane is an outspoken activist (and charitable contributor) to women’s and LGBT rights. People don’t know how to separate jokes from reality.

    • Well, the problem here is that the jokes are the reality: Hollywood is incredibly sexist, and the jokes just drove that home. But yeah, you hit on exactly what’s bizarre about this train wreck: Seth is on the side of angels morally and politically, and even when his writing for Family Guy was over the top, it had an ironic edge and scattershot quality that worked really well. In contrast, his oscar performance was a comic disaster, and the unrelenting sexism was … well, just creepy. I don’t understand how it could go so wrong, but then again, the academy has a hard time with hosts: get good ones who are clever and funny (Letterman, Stewart) and everyone gets all in a huff (or, in Stewart’s case, they just aren’t smart enough to get the jokes). Get hosts who are suitably fawning and harmless (Crystal), and it’s as boring as … well, Billy Crystal. The problem may be that it’s impossible for the academy not to take itself so seriously, so they’ll always vacillate between boring sycophants and smart critics, with the occasional disaster like MacFarlane.

  7. Love what Jonathan Ross said…and in support… jokes vs. reality – http://youtu.be/S9DMOE-K5ro