Booming job market makes Saskatchewan a land of opportunity, average weekly earnings higher than national average


As the economic centre of gravity in Canada shifts west, where do you go to find a job in this country? Downtown Calgary, maybe. Or the oilsands.

How about Saskatchewan?

According to a Statistics Canada report released Friday, the province’s labour market is booming; Saskatchewan currently ties Alberta for the lowest unemployment rate in the country (5 per cent), while payroll jobs increased by 2.8 per cent between January 2011 and January 2012—nearly double the national average. In raw terms, that means there were roughly 12,400 more payroll jobs in Saskatchewan in January of this year than there were 12 months earlier.

Average weekly earnings are also on the rise in the Prairie province, up 2.7 per cent to $907.44 in the 12 months leading up to this January. That’s the third highest out of all the provinces. Since August 2011, weekly earnings in Saskatchewan have been higher than the national average.





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Booming job market makes Saskatchewan a land of opportunity, average weekly earnings higher than national average

  1. Congratulations to Saskatchewan!  I sincerely hope you will put some of those new dollars into fixing your roads.  You have a beautiful province with fantastic lakes but I need wheel alignment everytime after I visit…and that is after driving on the TransCanada Highway.

  2. What complete and utter nonsense – again.  

  3. From someone who lives in Saskatchewan don’t believe the hype.  Housing prices are through the roof, electricity and gas prices increase year after year, tuition continue to increase.  Wages have not increased, the average has gone up because we have more potash and oil activity than ever before.  Seems like a good thing except we are getting ripped off on royalty rates so when the resources do run dry the province will crumble.  The Sask party have absolutely no long term vision and we will end up paying for it.  

  4. I’d believe this except that I’m an Aboriginal and faced with the possibility of coming BACK to Saskatchewan with multiple college degrees from top universities “South of the Border” and, what, living on the “dole” there for the rest of my life because although college-educated I’m an Aboriginal and that’s ALL people in Canada SEE? Even if I do tattoo “YALE” across my forehead all people up there see is the brown skin underneath it.