Border agreement may be all loss, no gain for Canadians

No guarantee Americans will liberalize border in proposed deal


A proposed trade and security agreement between Canada and the United States could force the Canadian government to violate the privacy of millions of its citizens without doing anything to guarantee a more open border, a new report suggests. “There can be little expectation that Canadian needs for less controls and constraints on trans-border traffic will be met,” wrote Gar Pardy, a former diplomat, in a report for the Rideau Institute. “A more likely scenario would be Canadian concessions on security and privacy matters and only American promises for an easier border regime.”



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Border agreement may be all loss, no gain for Canadians

  1. Duh……………… Are you familiar with the Americans?  They are like spoiled children.  They will pretend they are your friend to get what they want.  When they get it, all previous rules and agreements are off.  But, when you try to assert your rights then they puff up and act as if they are the superior beings and what they say goes and that it’s all for the “American people”.  Is Canada the next country to be invaded?  We cannot stand by and have the Americans dictate what we can and cannot do.  Where are our politicians?  What are they doing for Canada?

    • Is the Harper government capable of standing up to them?  There is no indicatio of this so far. 

  2. The Canadian politicians are taking orders from their owners..ie.. Banks Big business and lobby groups south of the border and our Canadian politicians are taking golden handshakes and campaign contributions..

    The Canada we were thought we were in doesn’t exist any more. We are owned and run by lobby groups in the financial sector and oil and gas and others.

  3. “Trust not their presents, nor admit the horse!”
    (Virgil, Aeneid II, 19 B.C.)

    How often do we have to fall for the old protection racket?

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