Bottled water full of bacteria

Tap water is actually more pure, researchers say


In country blessed with some of the safest drinking water in the world, many people still prefer to pay for the bottled stuff. But according to researchers in Montreal, several popular brands actually contain more bacteria than the old-fashioned water that comes from a tap. The researchers won’t reveal which brands have “surprisingly high” levels of heterotrophic bacteria, but they did say that more than 70 per cent of the samples contained levels that failed to meet basic standards for medications and health-care products. “Despite having the cleanest tap water, a large number of urban Canadians are switching over to bottled water for their daily hydration requirements,” said Sonish Azam, one of the study’s authors. “The consumer assumes that since bottled water carries a price tag, it is purer and safer than most tap water.” Not true.

Vancouver Sun

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Bottled water full of bacteria

  1. Congratulations yuppies, yer drinkin' poop!

  2. Thank goodness I use my Brita filter and hardly drink from a bottle. Did you know bacteria can also have benefits? On our blog we are covering the discovery of a bacteria that can not only make you happier but also smarter. May be interesting. http://cbt20.wordpress.com/2010/05/25/can-bacteri

    • Shut up

  3. Actually, I'd say tap water is purer, not more pure (it's a more good way of formulating a comparative adjective).

  4. Well for sure Toronto tap water tastes better than bottled water, and TO tap water tastes better than most of the tap H20 I've tasted anywhere else. I often carry a bottle of water with me– a bottle filled with tap water.

  5. I prefer tap water almost anywhere in Canada, except for a few places: Williams Lake BC, Kamsack Sask., and Monteal QC – sorry guys.

    I also much prefer glass or stainless steel containers to carry my tap water as I hike or travel generally. Because I do not want anything to do with petrochemicals/plastics, I don't even use Brita. There are better filtration systems you can do with at-home water systems – even for showering.

    Glad to see another strike against Coke and Pepsi, the two biggest "producers" of bottled water.

  6. ahh the sweet naiveté of someone who has not drank beaverlodge water. and its not unique either.

    • I agree that Beaverlodge water is not unique, but it is definetly an experiance you won't soon forget…

        • No, but i lived in the Peace River Country and Northern B.C. for many years and am ''well'' aware of the water issues,other than that it is Spectacular country !! We live in the Central Interior of B.C. now, great water, warmer weather also….

          • yes much agreed. i've lived there for the past 10 years myself in goodfare.

          • Then I say…Clean water and good health to you, and yours !!

  7. Better to control what you drink; a good home water filter will protect you from water contamination and will save you money, and the environment.

  8. Why in hell wouldn’t they say which brands of bottled water contain this harmful bacteria??? Something is definitely wrong with this picture. I’ll stick to my Brita thank you very much. And would these high fillutin officials get some balls and tell us who these offenders are, or keep ur effing mouths shut.

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