Boy, 12, accused of killing brother can go to funeral -

Boy, 12, accused of killing brother can go to funeral


MONTREAL – A boy accused of killing his brother will be allowed to attend the funeral.

Lawyers for the 12-year-old, charged with manslaughter, have withdrawn their request for a bail hearing. The defence says it wasn’t prepared to proceed today and asked for a postponement.

Instead, the Crown and defence have agreed to conditions that will allow the accused to attend the funeral of his brother.

The boy is currently under the care of youth protection and will be accompanied by two employees during the ceremony.

He was charged one week ago today with manslaughter after his 16-year-old sibling was shot to death on Monday night at the family home in Dorval, a suburb in western Montreal.

The identity of the accused and the victim cannot be revealed because they are minors.

The boy is also charged with illegal possession of a loaded, prohibited weapon.

The accused pleaded not guilty to the charges during his initial appearance.

The victim’s visitation is scheduled for Wednesday and a funeral is scheduled for Thursday.

The next date in the case is Feb. 8.

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Boy, 12, accused of killing brother can go to funeral

  1. I live in Montreal, too, and some of my friends knew him very well. Although I didn’t know him personally, I have heard that he was a great person, a loyal friend, and that he loved his friend very much. Although I didn’t know him, it upsets me when the news stories make him out to be a murderer. The story that I heard was that he was at home with his brother, and they found a gun in their father’s closet. They didn’t think it was loaded, and were playing around with it, when the gun went off in the accused murderers hands, shooting the older brother in the upper body/head.
    I have no way of knowing how much of this is true, but please know that he is a good person, and he loved his brother, and would never kill him. I personally believe that he should be aloud to go to the funeral. He is mourning his brother, and needs a sense of closure. No one can imagine the guilt he must feel.
    As I said before, I did not know him, but my good friends knew him extremely well, and he was friends with quite a few people, all of whom will tell you that he loved his brother, and would never purposefully hurt him.

    – M