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BP exec denies oil plumes

Claim contradicts U.S. government information


Doug Shuttles, British Petroleum’s chief operating officer, went on the Today show Wednesday to deny government claims that massive oil plumes were polluting the ocean a thousand meters below the surface dozens of kilometers around the Gulf spill. But his argument may be mostly semantic—he also said the concentrations of oil were “very low” and that in the end the situation “may be down to how you define what a plume is.” The statement comes one day after the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that University of South Florida researchers had conducted tests proving that the oil, an estimated 12,000 to 25,000 barrels a day of which is spewing into the Gulf, is polluting far more then the surface of the ocean.

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BP exec denies oil plumes

  1. Once the leak is plugged, we look forward to seeing you in court, Mr. Shuttles. If any of the allegations floated around are proven, BP will be responsible for the decimation of half of the Gulf of Mexico and the death of 11 people.

    No one will go to jail and 20 years from now no compensation will be paid and BP will still be in business…

  2. Hope fades daily when you have a company lying through their teeth and a President more interested in his image than stopping this horrid mess.