BP wants Halliburton to pay for Gulf of Mexico oil spill damages

BP demands its contractor pay for all damages associated with the worst oil spill in U.S. history


BP has asked its main oilfields contractor, Halliburton, to pay for all damages stemming from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, the BBC reports. According to a filing by BP’s lawyer, the oil company is demanding Halliburton pay for “the amount of costs and expenses incurred by BP to clean up and remediate the oil spill, the lost profits from and/or diminution in value of the Macondo prospect, and all other costs and damages incurred by BP.” So far, BP has spent $14 billion in spill response and clean-up efforts, and is expected to dish out $20 billion more for damage claims. The two oil giants have been locked in an extensive legal battle since the spill and a trial is expected to kick off in February in an attempt to settle the claims. The manufacturer of the oil well’s blow-out preventer, Cameron International, has already paid $250 million to BP for costs associated with the spill. Halliburton manufactured the cement cap that blew off the underwater well when the blow-out preventer failed.



BP wants Halliburton to pay for Gulf of Mexico oil spill damages

  1. Bop’s that don’t work properly, surface casing that wasn’t cemented properly ( that’s the part the BOP bolts onto ) sure is a good thing short pants george intervened and made it legal for companies to do their own inspections huh?
    Capitalism at it’s finest.

  2. Someone better remind BP it was Halliburton (AKA Dick Chaney) who invaded Iraq.  There are at least 3 mercenary armies in the US and hordes of…”private contractors”, ol’ Dick just might turn to to settle this matter…”out of court”.
    (Hey Dick, I hope it hurts like hell…that artificial heart…you bastard.)

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