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BP: Well, now that you mention it…

As oil gushes, company admits to “fundamental mistake”


It took 36 days, but the truth is finally coming out. In a briefing for U.S congressional staff, oil behemoth BP admitted that it made a “fundamental mistake” in the hours leading up to last month’s fatal oil rig explosion. BP says that shortly before the explosion, which killed 11 workers, there were signs of a “very large abnormality” in its Gulf of Mexico well. But despite this, the company kept on drilling. BP also concedes that it was aware of possible contamination of the cement which closed the well off from natural gas, and there was an apparent failure to closely monitor signs of leaking, as well. (It was indeed erupting natural gas that destroyed the rig on April 20.) In the past, BP officials have dismissed what they now call “a very large abnormality” as a “not satisfactory” test result.

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BP: Well, now that you mention it…

  1. "BP, which is responsible for stopping and cleaning up the giant spill, has said it would pay "all legitimate claims" from the spill."

    I'm sure the turtles, fish, otters, dolphins, waterfowl and other marine life affected by BP's actions will rest easily tonight.


  2. It's news like this that makes me wonder how Rush Limbaugh exists.

  3. There should be a massive class-action suit against this company by all who depend on the ocean for livelihood – fishers, tourist operators, etc.

  4. Maybe the industrialized nations should try to get off Oil , on a recent trip to the SW usa there are large tracts of unused land and plenty of Sun but no solar panels in sight! Germany a much more northern climate has plenty of them and have taken the lead here?!?

  5. BP should train there crew s properly and this could have been avoided!

  6. Why is it that everyone seems to have forgotten that 11 human beings lost their lives in this disaster.