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BP’s Tony Hayward to step down?

London Times reports that BP’s Chief executive to leave before October


BP has announced CEO Tony Hayward is planning to step down before October 1 and that it plans to sell $7 billion of gas assets for its Gulf of Mexico clean up fund according to The Times of London. The new strategy was conceived by a group called Future BP. Hayward’s departure is a defense against a buyout by ExxonMobil or Royal Dutch Shell. An American running BP’s Gulf Coast Restoration Organisation, Robert Dudley, is rumoured to take Hayward’s position. However, despite the report, a BP spokesperson has said that Hayward “has full support from the board and will remain in place”.


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BP’s Tony Hayward to step down?

  1. What shabby journalism. BP has not announced Tony Howard is stepping down – they have done just the opposite and confirmed he is staying put.

  2. Yep, he is staying put and speaking his mind bystander.

    Tony Hayward breaks his silence. Steals the microphone Kayne West style from Admiral Thad Allen and speaks his mind.

    Read about who Mr. Hayward thinks are BP's unsung heros!