Brazil mudslides and floods leave thousands homeless

Death toll rises past 370


Southeastern Brazil has been buried under a series of mudslides that have killed at least 370 people in the towns of Nova Friburgo, Teresopolis, and Petropolis. The death toll is expected to be much higher, but heavy rain is hampering the efforts of the 800 rescue workers deployed to help victims and recover bodies. The governor of Rio de Janeiro, Sergio Cabral, has blamed local governments for failing to control illegal housing and overcrowding in the region’s slums. President Dilma Rouseff has called a state of emergency and has allocated $480 million in emergency aid.


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Brazil mudslides and floods leave thousands homeless

  1. ~I lived here in brazil and I can tell you until now is 506 die, and I think is this climate changes, because in that area is just small citys with mountains with trees, is not like biga brazilian cits with "favelas"

  2. The amount of chaos in Brazil makes the flooding here in Australia seem rather insignificant. Though in both cases, I think better political policy could have mitigated a lot of the loss. They should take lessons from Winnipeg, where they built the floodway in anticipation for massive flooding.