Breach of veteran’s privacy "was alarming" -

Breach of veteran’s privacy “was alarming”

Privacy commissioner slams government for sharing sensitive information about Sean Bruyea


Canada’s privacy watchdog, Jennifer Stoddart, has slammed government officials for sharing personal and sensitive information about Sean Bruyea. “What we found in this case was alarming,” Stoddart said. Bruyea has been a vocal critic of the way the government handles veterans’ issues for several years. A veteran himself, Bruyea eventually found out 850 Veterans Affairs employees had accessed his medical and financial records, and that the information found its way into briefing notes provided to high-level bureaucrats and cabinet ministers. Bruyea says he’ll be seeking damages from the federal government, and has asked for Prime Minister Stephen Harper as well as past Veteran’s Affairs ministers to apologize.

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Breach of veteran’s privacy “was alarming”

  1. Regardless of whatever political party was in power when whatever happened, there is one way to send a message to *all* potential governing political parties that they will receive loud and clear. The disgraceful way in which veterans have been treated by our government must be addressed properly. And I'm talking about not only fixing the benefits policies, but also dismissal and even jail time for a select few at VAC that richly deserve it. No compromises. If the government fobs it off, then this issue needs to become front and center in the next election. And if this issue can be credited with causing the fall of the Conservatives as governing party, not only will the Liberals benefit, but they will equally get the message loud and clear not to ever let this kind of garbage occur on their watch again either. People need to decide whether as Canadians their duty to veterans outweighs their party affiliations. That's the true test.

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