Hostage-taker in Edmonton surrenders to police (Updated) -

Hostage-taker in Edmonton surrenders to police (Updated)

Armed man had been holding eight people at Workers Compensation Board building


An armed man may have taken as many as nine people hostage on the 8th floor of the WCB building in downtown Edmonton. According to local news reports, the man entered the building early Wednesday morning wearing a camouflage jacket and carrying a backpack. Radio station News 880 reported he told police he is “mad at the world” and blames a WCB doctor for most of his trouble.

UPDATE: Police have confirmed an armed man is indeed holding hostages at the Workers’ Compensation Board building and that they have been in contact with him. An eyewitness who escaped the building told CBC News that a tall bald man entered the building with a gun, and one shot was fired, but no one was injured.

UPDATE (2): Alleged hostage taker Patrick Clayton, a 38-year-old unemployed carpenter, surrendered peacefully to police Wednesday evening and release all eight hostages unharmed. According to CBC News, Clayton had been living off compensation board payments that were cut off just over a week ago.

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Hostage-taker in Edmonton surrenders to police (Updated)

  1. braiden sawatzky is *****

  2. Someone should let this guy know that no one is responsible for his problems except himself. Lazy Bum, just shoot him

  3. Not that this mans actions are justifiable, but the Alberta WCB is one of the most obnoxious organizations I have ever dealt with. One of my beefs is: they charge premiums based on 100% of a contractor's earnings (in some cases 15%) and when a legitimate claim comes up they want to pay based on net taxable income< I ended up collecting about half of what I should have. If you do not like their decision you can appeal but must do so in writing and are not allowed to be present when a quasi judicial body makes a decision on your appeal. Like I say, can't justify this guys actions, he,s got to know its not going to help his case, but I admire him for sticking his neck out for the rest of us, after all what is a person supposed to do?

  4. one has to predict this is only the tip of the iceberg…a supposed facility where workers are seeking financial assistance when times are tough …some staff in these facilities are untrained and insensitive to the people …nowadays customer service is about 1.1 on a scale of 1 to 10, a national disgrace…intelligence needs to be upgraded a couple levels upward…if one cannot be nice to people and remain positive regardless of customer attitude…eg…one should find employment in a facility that kills animals like olymel or someplace similar! ….or the police force!
    there is a breaking point to people no matter how cool they think they are unless there is proper training of the mind and emotional control. of course the circumstances could be entirely different then i will assume ignorance of the facts…