Kidnapper Jimmy Lee Dykes is dead; 5 year old hostage said to be physically unharmed


Law enforcement officials announced that the five-year-old boy who has been held hostage in a bunker in Midland City, Ala., for six days has been released. And that the hostage taker, Jimmy Lee Dykes, 65, is dead.

Dykes boarded a bus last week and shot the driver, Chuck Poland, who was trying to protect the children. He then kidnapped Ethan (whose last name has not been given), taking him to his property and holding the boy in a homemade  bunker. The FBI were in contact with Dykes the whole time, sending Ethan toys, medicine and snacks through a ventilation pipe.

The authorities decided to enter the bunker when negotiations deteriorated and Dykes was seen holding a gun. The boy was taken to a hospital and deemed to be physically unharmed.

Dykes, a Vietnam vet, and former truck driver, is said to have been anti-government and estranged from his family. While the police have not said how Dykes died, a neighbour reported hearing a boom and a gunshot during the rescue.


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Kidnapper Jimmy Lee Dykes is dead; 5 year old hostage said to be physically unharmed

  1. Karma

  2. The police should have told the guy up front that there were only 2 options. 1.) Immediately release the boy unharmed and surrender or 2.) Harm the boy in any way and you die. This playing around with this psycho for several days did nothing but put greater strain on the child and his family. These cowardly scumbags need to learn that their actions will result in a tough response. The nut has enough common sense to think to grab a hostage. We have to show his type that we are the wrong people to mess with. The sad fact is that in Canada we would be forced to pick up the tab of this murderer(victim: the bus driver). At least in Alabama, they could have(if he surrendered) possibly executed him for the murder of the bus driver.

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