Breathing a deep, banana-flavoured sigh of relief


Relax, smokers of hookah pipes. A Conservative party media spokesperson assures me that today’s promise from Stephen Harper to “prohibit flavour and additives that would appeal to children” in tobacco does NOT apply to hookah pipe tobacco.

It’s true that Harper did specifically mentioned “banana split” as one kid-pleasing flavour that would be outlawed. But apparently he did not mean fine products such as Al Amir Banana Split Hookah Tobacco, available in convenient 250-gram tubs.

Nor do the Tories intend to limit your liberty to smoke carmel apple, black cherry, pina colada, or any of the other delightful flavours available to the hookah aficionado. A party media official assured me that only flavoured cigarillos would be affected by the new regulation.

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Breathing a deep, banana-flavoured sigh of relief

  1. I was wondering the same thing!

    Thank you John!

  2. What about my love of cherry-flavour pipe tobacco? Am I safe too?

  3. Is it not already illegal to sell tobacco products to people under a certain age – generally 18 or 19 but probably varying by province ?

  4. They better damn-well not outlaw kreteks!!!

    Also how does this impact the likes of Capt’ Black Sweets and Rum-dipped Colts? I’m not a fan, but they’re long-established products clearly not targeted at kids.

  5. Yes, it’s just as illegal to sell tobaacco to kids as it is to walk around Jane and Finch with a handgun, but that doesn’t stop the left from telling everyone that handguns need to be banned more than they already are.

  6. Wonderful. People losing jobs. Markets tanking. Housing prices tumbling.

    And we have THIS.

    Is this Harper’s plan to deal with “global economic turmoil”? Banning flavored cigarillos?

    Man, what are his focus-group people smoking?

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