Brian Williams, his mother raised him well

The NBC Olympic broadcaster writes a gracious thank you note to Vancouver and Canada


Here’s a little secret, it’s not just Canadians who were polite at the Vancouver Winter Games. There were plenty of wonderful American visitors. Yes, even at the Gold medal hockey games. Before NBC Olympic broadcaster Brian Williams raided his hotel mini bar and headed for home, he left a very nice thank you note on his pillow, so to speak. He likes our “thoroughly polite country.” He met CTV’s top Olympic broadcaster, whose name is also Brian Williams, go figure. And he likes him, too. So, thanks, says Williams, “For always saying nice things about the United States…when you know we’re listening. [And] for sharing Joannie Rochette with us.”

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Brian Williams, his mother raised him well

  1. Very nice. The Canadian media could learn a lesson. Always wanting to be down in mouth and to criticize our country they were a pile of bob birds in the first week or so maligning the own the podium program and the fact our athletes were not winning. Once we started to win the good old media jumped on the bandwagon. Fairweather friends? You bet.

  2. Right back at you, Brian Williams and NBC. NBC's coverage of the Vancouver games was fabulous. For past Olympics I used to avoid NBC, but for these games NBC was almost the default choice.

    • NBC's coverage is terrible. Sure their production value is great, and so are their hosts, but watching sports on tape-delay is terrible. If you know the result (and you usually do because of the internet), it's the most anti-climatic thing ever.

      Personally I loved the Consortium's coverage. I could watch basically any event that was on at the time on one of the three channels. I loved it.

      • I prefer the old CBC coverage to the CTV/consortium coverage for quality – they didn't pump up every Canadian athlete as a medal prospect regardless of whether or not they had a chance. But it was nice to have three full channels of Olympic programming, and provided CTV can bring themselves to cover some interesting events where Canada's not competetive it may be even more of a plus for the summer games.

        • Katherine, you have to give up the sauce! In days gone by, watching CBC coverage was like watching grass grow. I found the CTV consortium (as you put it) entertaining and a breath of fresh air.

      • Not that I prefer tape delay, but was that your biggest beef with the NBC coverage this time? Would you say that NBC's coverage was better, the same or worse than their past efforts? And none of this is a big deal, just curious….

        I do agree that the Consortium's coverage was good, and I did make use of all of their channels as well, but there were times when I did not want to see Alex Bilodeau's gold medal run for the umpteenth time, and NBC was a great alternate to be available at those times.

        Btw, if nothing else, it seems that the consortium has done a great job of making another rarely used english word part of our everyday vocabulary.;-)

  3. I love Brian Williams but I have to agree that NBC or any american coverage of any sports event like the Olympics, is terrible! Great production, but they edit so much, plus the delays. I also liked CBC much better and loved OUR Brian Williams!

  4. On a whole, I enjoyed the Consortium broadcasting. It got a little much after Bilodeau won gold. It was played and played and played and then played a little more. The fawning was also a little much and the playing up of his brother's place in his life was just too much. His sister was virtually ignored. It made for great television….the first two times.

  5. The Olympic experience was, in a word, incredible! Google Captain and Mrs. Canada to see two Canadian arch-patriots basking in the glow of the Olympic experience.

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