Ecuador grants Julian Assange asylum

Wikileaks founder is currently holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in the UK


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been offered refuge in Ecuador, but Britain has threatened to raid Ecuador’s embassy if Quito doesn’t hand him over.

Ecuadorian government has stated that a raid would be seen as a “hostile and intolerable act” and a violation of its sovereignty.

A Foreign Office spokesman said that under British law, they can give them a week’s notice before entering the embassy, and they want to find a diplomatic solution.

Update: Quito announced Thursday that they would allow Assange to stay under a type of humanitarian protection. The UK said they will not grant safe passage out of the country to Assange.

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Ecuador grants Julian Assange asylum

  1. I am from vancouver,canada and i wanted to say that the British Gov.got no respect for international laws.Julian Assange should be allowed to travel to Ecuador.These charges against him are groundless and only a mindless fool would believe them.Julian Assange got the support of the majority of people in England and around the world.Hopefully this atrocity against Julian Assange by the British Gov. will be resolved soon.

    • International law?

      Ecuador made an independent decision based on a convention the UK is not a signatory.

      Based on the convention persons charged with a crime or sentenced can not be given asylum. The right to asylum forbids to granting of asylum of those who have violated other person rights.

      “This right may not be invoked in the case of prosecutions genuinely
      arising from nonpolitical crimes or from acts contrary to the purposes
      and principles of the United Nations.”

      However, countries can do what ever they please in relationship to granting asylum.

      The EAW is an international agreement that based on the “Vienna conventions on the law of treaties” the UK needs to honor. In that respect the only international law relevant is the EAW.

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