British Airways strike affects tens of thousands -

British Airways strike affects tens of thousands

Cabin crews walk out; second strike planned for end of March


Tens of thousands of British Airways passengers have had their weekend travel plans interrupted due to a three-day cabin crew strike that began on Saturday. Over 1,000 flights were canceled and more disruptions are expected due accommodations that will need to be made for affected passengers. Chief BA executive Willie Walsh aired an apology for the walkout via YouTube, calling it a “terrible day for BA.” A second strike is planned for March 27-30.

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British Airways strike affects tens of thousands

  1. It's a bummer for those who had planned to travel on hoilday for sure but at Boggart Blog we like to find a humourous aspect to these stories. The strike news we liked best was that BA were considering flying without cabin staff and letting passengers help themselves to refreshments from the galleys.

  2. Selfish, greedy irrational union members are causing misery, costs and hardship on thousands of people.
    When will strikes in the transportation sector finally be outlawed!
    Unions say "the boss is a bully" as they abuse their power, and deprive thousands of innocent people of the services they paid for in full, months in advance! The boss is a bully but the unions leave you stranded abroad with the need to purchase another ticket home! They ruin your wedding, holiday, family trip. Who is the bully?
    Cabin crew says they are striking because they want to provide better service and management cuts wont let them. What an idiotic justification! Give me lukewarm coffee and a surly stewardess (I've come to expect that anyway), but don't take me hostage and make me trash a 10;000 $ family trip!
    Union cheers the loss of revenue for BA and then turns around and calls the boss "vindictive" when he does his best to run business as usual!
    Union claims that the strike is due Willie Walsh the CEO – I don't see him in the picket lines! *You* are doing the strike, *you* are disrupting your company and passengers lives, take responsability for your actions!

  3. Very shocking to see that cancellation of flights.

    I too agree that it is terrible day for BA.