British court denies bail to Julian Assange

Faces extradition to Sweden over alleged sex offenses


Julian Assange was denied bail on Tuesday by a London court, though the WikiLeaks founder still plans to resist efforts to extradite him to Sweden where authorities want to question him over alleged sex offenses. Assange was ordered to remain in custody until his next court date on Dec. 14. Assange’s colleagues have said this doesn’t change plans to keep disclosing sensitive documents, as it has done with files relating to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Over the past nine days, WikiLeaks has published confidential diplomatic messages, infuriating the U.S. State Department and other officials. Assange was arrested by officers from Scotland Yard’s extradition unit when he reported to a central London police station.

New York Times

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British court denies bail to Julian Assange

  1. So Assange is in jail, and bin Laden isn't.

    Assange is being railroaded, and the whole world knows it.

    • I suppose when Bin Laden walks into a police station and turns himself in…he'll be in jail just like Assange!

      • They've put far more effort into catching Assange…and Assange wasn't even running.

        • I must have missed the part where they bombed Great Britain, invaded Australia and put a $25 million dollar bounty on Assange's head.

          • If you're just going to be silly about an important issue, then go post somewhere else. Adults are talking.

          • :O…!!!??!!

            Is she serious?

          • Good points!

          • I'm not sure he turned himself in. Why would he resist deportation? Sounds to me he showed up in Scotland Yard to file a complaint against that Canadian Minister who asked for his head on a platter and got nabbed for charges he wasn't aware about.


        • |Emily, how silly you can be.

          • Tsk…how American you are.

  2. Silly?

    Not as silly as comparing the efforts the US has put into chasing Bin Laden to Assange's legal problems.

    Care to give us some "adult" facts to back up your claim? Or will we have to wait for Wikileaks to expose them?

    • I expect people on a political news site to actually follow and be informed about political news.

      I have no intentions of doing your homework for you.

      • Your earlier post was neither informed nor an appropriate response for a political news site. Just because HM has a difference of opinion, there is no need to call him silly.

        Since you are one who does your homework, as can be assumed by your comments, please elaborate on how more effort has been put into capturing Assange than Bin Laden?

        • Again, citizen of California, I don't intend to do your homework for you.

          • OMG Emily…what's wrong with you? It must be someone else.

            But seriously, to everyone else, can we please just stop amusing her/it? No doubt I will get some strange comment about how I don't know anything about anything, but I will not be responding. I hope others will choose to do the same.

          • I fail to see how the CA in my id and a Canadian flag makes you think that I am a resident of California. Is this the same line of reasoning you use for all your posts?

            Your line of not "doing your homework for" others just indicates to me that you have nothing to back up your claims.

    • Go do your homework.

      • I'll take that to mean you have none.

        • Take it to mean what it says, and grow up.

          • And yet another well thought out response by ''Emily ''…Sigh …….

          • If people can't be bothered to keep up with the news, I fail to see why I should explain it to them.

            Or listen to a lot of silly remarks.

          • Did you come on this site today to debate the topic, or to just antagonize people ? So far you have only accomplished the latter……

          • It's the biggest and most important story of the year, and so far no one on here has actually even tried to discuss it.

            In fact most people on here know nothing about the story, but are keen on telling us about it anyway.

            That, and fussing about me.

          • From what I have read here,every time someone makes a comment you get all snotty, and start making silly remarks….maybe try a different approach with people and you just might get the response's you want…Just a thought…..

          • There are at least 4 sites on here where an actual discussion is taking place about Assange.

            Apparently all the nerf-balls hang out on this one.

          • I rest my case……

  3. Good.

    This guy is the definition of irresponsibility. Releasing a list of sites vital to national security… who could possibly benefit from knowing where these places are? Hmm, it seems as though a large "Kick Me" sign has been placed on the US for use at pleasure by Al Qaeda.

    • Democracy depends on an informed electorate.

      Had the electorate been informed all this time, the US wouldn't have gone into Iraq.

      In fact it's unlikely 911 would have happened.

      • soothsayer Emily. Are you after a State Dept job?

  4. First: He is wanted in Sweden for questioning. He has not been formally charged.
    Second: He turned himself in. You know, voluntarily. In other words, despite the very obvious risks to his personal safety, he is co-operating with the authorities.
    Third: You can't use your charge cards or the PP system to contribute to Wikileaks, but, rest easy, all of those means of payment still work for the (X)oo (Y)lucks (Z)lan site. Insert K at appropriate ()
    Fourth: WikiLeaks has actively worked with major press organizations to vet the releases so that the information released is in the public interest only. This isn't just a document dump as it is being mischaracterized.
    Fifth: All major press organizations are publishing the leaks as well
    Sixth: All of the things, proof of which was leaked, are still going on. All of the people that involved still have freedom of movement. Proof positive that it isn't wrong to break the law, if you're made, but it is wrong to tell others what naughtness the "made" people are upto.

      • Me no like. Anarchists must be neutered. Incidentally, is Assange a Canadian? One asks as he is certainly smug enough.

        • Libertarians are anarchists.

          Either keep up with the news, or don't comment.

          • ex-canuck is to lazy to google. Must be an ignorant rightwinger.

          • Something that's been headline news for 2 weeks….biggest story of the year….and yet we're supposed to fill them in on all the details on a blog post!

          • You are unpleasant.
            Please leave.

  5. Didn't care much about this until Spector at G&M reported that wikileaks allowed a list of potential targets for terrorist activity in Canada that would also hurt the US.

    He's a douchebag and craves attention but that doesn't warrant going to jail. Promoting terrorism is however. I just wish they'd nail him on real charges rather than the, more than likely, fake rape ones.

    • Did you notive that Spector included the list in his column? Wow he's a terrorist enabler!

      Really, anyone with a few wits could make up such a list of things like oil pipelines, nuclear plants and shopping centres.

      • Yes, cuz nobody knows where our pipelines, nuclear plants and shopping centers are….they've been hidden all these years.

        More interesting is the fact that the sites listed all over the world are considered crucial to the US…there is no American concern for us or any other country.

        • Ask Hilary when you see her.

          • Stay out of the eggnog, dude.

          • Once again.
            You are unpleasant.
            Please leave.

  6. Due process has fallen by the way side…

    • What makes you think that due process has fallen by the wayside ??