British embassy attacked in Iran

Students storm the building in Tehran


Hard-line Iranian students stormed the British Embassy in Tehran on Tuesday, the New York Times reports. The protesters brought down the Union Jack and threw documents out of the windows, chanting “death to England.” An initial report by semiofficial newsagency Mehr that six embassy workers had been taken hostage was later withdrawn with no explanation. The attack comes after Iran downgraded diplomatic relations with the U.K. after Western countries, including Canada, imposed stepped-up sanctions to punish the regime after a recent UN report found evidence that Tehran is pursuing nuclear weapons capability.

The New York Times

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British embassy attacked in Iran

  1. They are not students. They the regime-supporter and most of them are the members of Basij-militia.
    Real iranian students are mainly in Green Opposition Groups and try to change the regime in Iran and free the Country.

  2. I hope Iran’s younger generation are not capable of this. Otherwise the situation between the west and east will only deteriorate

  3. Esos manifestantes son gente preparada especialmente por el gobierno para protagonizar el ataque a la embajada de Reino Unido, no tienen aspecto de estudiantes.  La comunidad internacional que no está de acuerdo con los métodos y planes de ese país  debe atacar de inmediato y con dureza para hacerles saber que Occidente, aún con sus errores, es superior en todo aspecto porque predomina la libertad. 

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