British PM calls voter "bigoted woman" -

British PM calls voter “bigoted woman”

Gordon Brown caught insulting voter in unguarded moment


British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was caught by a live microphone describing a voter he’d just met as a “bigoted woman.” Brown was climbing into his car after talking with Gillian Duffy when, having apparently forgotten he was still wearing a broadcast microphone, he called the meeting “a disaster.” “they should never have put me with that woman,” Brown said. “Whose idea was that? It’s just ridiculous…” The 65-year-old Duffy, who’d questioned Brown on issues including immigration and crime, said afterwards she was “very upset.” Brown subsequently called Duffy to apologize, but his opponents in the country’s election campaign have latched onto the gaffe just days before British voters are set to go to the polls.

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British PM calls voter “bigoted woman”

  1. This won't bode well for him that's for sure. She seems like a sincere, credible, average citizen and the media is having a hay-day with it.

  2. From what was reported of her opinions on immigrants, he's absolutely correct in his characterization of her. Too bad that doesn't seem to matter.

  3. Mr. Brown has apologized for being sincere, it's ok.

  4. Hahahahahaha. Brown is a disaster when it comes to campaigns. Calling your own supporters bigots is not a great strategy, no wonder Brown kept to the shadows most of his political career, he's incapable of coming across as normal.

  5. Obviously a mistake and blown out of proportion. Brown meant to say she was big-toed.