British primary school children read to dogs to improve their literacy

“Dogs are non-judgmental; they won’t laugh at stammers or get impatient”


Recent research indicates that children who read to pet dogs learn faster than those who read to adults. At a school in Dorset, a few different breeds, that are good with children, were brought in
the classroom and were found to have made a significant impact on learning. A
representative of Caring Canines charity said: “The children who benefit
most are those with low self-esteem and often it is not their reading skills
that are poor, but their confidence.”

The Telegraph

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British primary school children read to dogs to improve their literacy

  1. Probably not the best story for an ambiguous headline. It would have been quite something if, in fact, the dogs' literacy was improving, :)

  2. "Julie Lankshear, from the charity, said: "Ours are special dogs that are good with children. The scheme works because the dogs are non-judgmental; they won't laugh at stammers or get impatient."

    I think this will only work in UK because I hear dogs in other countries are quite snarky and don't suffer fools gladly.

    • Following their logic, one ought to have kids read to piles of rocks. Good listeners, and very non-judgemental.

      • LTIC (Just in case, it's a little used variation of LMAO)

  3. Dogs can be wonderful companions, good security guards and great teachers! Children who have difficulty reading often read better to dogs because dogs do not judge them so the children do not feel self-conscious. In return, you must also do them a favor by keeping them healthy by providing trusted high-end dog food products. We need to ensure that they are eating the right kind of food since they are interacting with children.

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