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Gordon Brown resigns; David Cameron takes over

Britain gets a Conservatives/Lib-Dem power-sharing government after 13 years of Labour rule


It’s official: British Prime Minister Gordon Brown handing over the reins to Conservative leader David Cameron, who won the most votes in last week’s election but failed to net a majority. “I have informed the Queen’s private secretary that it’s my intention to tender my resignation to the Queen,” said Brown. Soon after, Cameron announced he’ll be forming a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats. The Tories are returning to power after 13 years of Labour Party rule. But Cameron admits that this new arrangement will could “pose all sorts of challenges.” Even before the agreement had been made official, rumours that it was coming prompted a one per cent jump in Britain’s sterling currency.


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Gordon Brown resigns; David Cameron takes over

  1. Looks like they're moving toward fixed terms, and I mean MEANINGFUL fixed terms:

    "The parties agree to the establishment of five year fixed-term parliaments. A Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government will put a binding motion before the House of Commons in the first days following this agreement stating that the next general election will be held on the first Thursday of May 2015. Following this motion, legislation will be brought forward to make provision for fixed term parliaments of five years. This legislation will also provide for dissolution if 55% or more of the House votes in favour." http://bit.ly/aGV3si

    And the contradictions of imposing the fixed term on a Westminster system reveals itself: what the heck happens if the a confidence motion fails and nobody steps up to claim that they can form a government? Does the incumbent limp on, rendering the original confidence defeat meaningless (which means they just moved the bar up from 50%+1 to 55%)? Do they form a grand old coalition where everyone's miserable? Does the whole kitten kaboodle collapse?

    Maybe they can get the Queen to rule in person for a while.