British welfare slashed -

British welfare slashed

Cameron government makes its move, axing welfare and child benefit payouts to middle class


Declaring an end to the “open-ended chequebook” of years past, David Cameron’s coalition government has taken square aim at the country’s famed, but much-criticized, social welfare system, slashing welfare and child-benefit payouts available to middle-class earners. The changes will save about 1 billion pounds annually, and are meant to encourage people to seek work rather than government support. But they are more notable for the message they send about the government’s intent and philosophy. They appear to be the start of wholesale reform advocated by cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith, a former Conservative leader. Now the Work and Pensions Secretary, Duncan Smith has evidently won endorsement for the biggest overhaul of the system in 60 years, notwithstanding strong resistance on the political left. Brendan Barber, head of Britain’s Trade Union Congress, has described today’s announcement as “a big blow to the principle that … welfare should be available to all, not just the poorest.” Which gives you a sense of how ingrained the culture of dependency has become in the U.K.

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British welfare slashed

  1. Well that won't make the Socialist types happy…

  2. Brendan Barber, head of Britain's Trade Union Congress, has described today's announcement as “a big blow to the principle that … welfare should be available to all, not just the poorest.”

    W. T. F?

    (In my best attempt at a British accent, which is pretty bad): Uh, Brendan, ol' chap, you didn't have a straight face when you gave us that rubbish, did you?

  3. Muslim men in Britain breed up to four wives at a time in order to make a very good living for themselves from benefits, the next round of cuts might affect their comfortable lifestyles and get them very upset. How will Britain make it up to them?

    • Urban myth.

  4. hats off to you cameron! you alone have the courage to say "we dont have to money!" best of luck on your uphill battle.

  5. Can you imagine that happening here. Ah, one can only dream…

  6. Take heed all: Britain's fate is your fate. The players have been paid off and now everyone else will be told to f@#$ off.

    For years and years, the official line is that there is no money for this, no money for that. Sorry no schools and bridges and other improvements for the quality of your life. But, oh, when the gamblers, I mean speculators, opps, I mean bankers (whose very job it is to manage money!!) cock it up, OK, well, yes now there is money for them.

    And what gall!! After they have their payout, it's back to telling everybody else to tighten the belt. And with a good helping of denigration on those who are on welfare because the theiving financial class has looted the productive economy.

    This filthy charade has to end now. No bailouts of the gambler's debts!

    • Too bad we're tamed. There was a time not that long ago, relatively speaking, when the head of the head of the Royal Bank of Scotland would be decorating a pitchfork.

      And so another of my life-long assumptions is laid to waste: turns out the Scottish are no smarter with money than anyone else — in fact, less smart than we simple New Worlders. Canadians should be proud of ourselves for not letting greedy, ill-informed bankers rape our economy.