Brits happy Canada is picking up tab for royal visits -

Brits happy Canada is picking up tab for royal visits

Trips seen as “subtle way of saving money during the recession”


The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall’s tour of Canada next month won’t represent the financial burden the Prince’s recent overseas jaunts to South America and the Far East turned out to be. That’s because, as a Commonwealth country, Canada picks up most of the tab. It was announced today that Charles and Camilla will tour 12 Canadian cities from November 2 to 12. A Canadian military Airbus will fly the Prince of Wales’s party to and from Canada and transport them around the country. (Royal sources were keen to point out that the Airbus will not be travelling empty but will be put to use by the Canadian military for the other legs of the two transatlantic flights.) The Queen and Prince Philip’s visit next year will be similarly subsidized. Not that the British taxpayer is completely off the hook: the cost of the royals’ protection officers will be met by Scotland Yard.

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Brits happy Canada is picking up tab for royal visits

  1. The Royals are very reach and should pay for their own vacations. Canada should not pay for these selfish, degenerated irrelevant brits.

  2. As a tax-paying Brit, I wonder whether Canada would like to keep the Prince of Wallies over there permanently.

  3. What a crock. More tax dollars wasted on a decaying monarchy. Time this country grows up and declares a republic. Enough of this diluted so call blue bloods. They have contibuted nothing to the betterment of mankind. Only feathered their own nests over the last 300 years. I would rather support a hard business men( the likes of the Gates and Buffets ) and scientist who contribute to mankinds welfare. Pray tell when did any monarcy ever recieve a Noble prize. But then of course some weak people need idols to enrich their lives wether monarchs, religious leaders or pop stars. They have no confidence in their own being. And please dont throw the old excuse of preserving history. Thats just a crutch to enable those in the monarch circles to maintain their grip on the public trough.

  4. Usually, I would dismiss the royal dingbats in an instant but the fact that they piss off the bloc heads makes me reasess my thinking. The royals draw no pension from Canada, the traitors from Quebec do. If the royals piss them off…suck it up buttercup. Hell let them move in for a year, perhaps the scumbagx who wish to destroy this country will leave…but I doubt it, might have to forgo their Canadian pension. Cheers

  5. Tell them to stay home, we sure do not need any visiting or posturing from this man and his wife. They are costing the Canadian tax payers a lot of money for these 2 old biddies to tour. It is time to get out of the commonwealth and become a republic, the archaic monarchy has past its sell by date. Lets spend the citizens money on useful projects and leave the royals to Rngland. If the monarchists are upset, go live in 3rd world Britain.