Brits spend five years of their life hungover: poll

Average rate of suffering almost one month per year until age 60


The average British person will spend over five years of their life with a hangover, according to new research reported in the Daily Mail. That same person will suffer through a day-long hangover (usually on a Sunday) at least once a week between the ages of 21 and 38. During that time, 12 days a year will be spent “retching, sweating and feeling lousy” from drinking too much the night before. The frequency of hangovers reduces with age, the study shows, but they tend to continue at an average rate of 22.8 days per year until age 60. In the course of a lifetime, the average person spends more than five-and-a-quarter years (or nearly 2,000 days) with a hangover, according to a survey from Sweet Lady Beverages, which makes alcohol-free drinks.

Daily Mail

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Brits spend five years of their life hungover: poll

  1. Wow – when you add it up it almost makes drinking seem like a bad thing – lol

  2. Two unrelated comments immediately come to mind:
    1. If I were British, I’d probably do the same.
    2. More quality journalism from the Daily Mail.

  3. We can do better than that, Canada! Let’s try to hit 8 years.

  4. So they lose one month of the year until they hit 60, at which they die?

  5. This story only tells me that the British can’t handle their liquor. Hangovers are for rookies.

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